Brown U. Students to Party Girl Malia Obama: Sorry for Narcing You Out, Please Come Here Anyway

The Brown University student newspaper, the Daily Herald, is very sorry that Brown students shared photos of 17-year-old Malia Obama in the general vicinity of a pyramid of red Solo cups that may or may not have been used for beer pong (which the First Daughter may or may not have been playing). »10/24/15 11:30am10/24/15 11:30am

A Q&A with Peter Slevin, Author of Michelle Obama's New Biography

Before Michelle Obama was the First Lady, a position defined by partnership and parenting, she was a career woman with twenty successful years under her belt before her husband dreamed of running the country. In fact, when Barack pitched her the idea, he had to enlist her family to convince her. Peter Slevin, author… »4/15/15 5:00pm4/15/15 5:00pm

New Joey Bada$$ Video Confronts Police Brutality Against Black People

Joey Bada$$, Malia Obama's favorite rapper, released a new clip "Like Me" featuring BJ the Chicago Kid that goes beyond the usual chick track, where rappers try to bring the ladies to the table. Instead of just a love story, Bada$$ touches on the Black Lives Matter movement when police cut him down for being in the… »2/12/15 10:20pm2/12/15 10:20pm

Mike Huckabee Thinks Somebody Gives a Shit About His Beyoncé Opinions 

Smell that? It's the pile of crap we're currently bearing down upon—otherwise known as an election year. And the bottle fly of the day is Mike Huckabee, who just doesn't understand how the Obamas, "exemplary parents in many ways," can expose their daughters to the walking scandal that is Beyonce. »1/13/15 2:15pm1/13/15 2:15pm

Kendall Jenner's Thirst Levels Bring Rare Spark of Life to Her Eyes

These wax figures actually aren't, guys: As you may remember from that one time with Emma Watson and all the falling-in-love, that slim figure with the shaggy hair and the Charlotte Russe "Murder Mystery Beetlejuice" Collection blazer is the real-life Harry Styles, and the surprisingly animate figure in the center… »12/03/14 10:30am12/03/14 10:30am

Your July 4th Open Thread: Happy Sweet Sixteen Malia Obama!

Happy Independence Day folks. Today is Malia Obama's 16th birthday! How American is that?! So Yanks and others who are celebrating with us: be safe tonight! Drink, grill, eat, and set off potentially illegal firecrackers, and celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence/Will Smith's greatest movie to… »7/04/14 5:00pm7/04/14 5:00pm