The NRA Video on Sasha and Malia the NRA Doesn't Want You to See

The NRA's callous insensitivity is truly impressive. They remain unwavering in their fanaticism, despite gun massacres that have ravaged the nation. Earlier this week, a month after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, they released an adorable app, for ages four and up, which allows you to practice… »1/16/13 11:40am1/16/13 11:40am

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Are Expecting a Real-Life Human Baby

They seem like a pretty awesome couple and are now set to become equally great parents because Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are expecting their first child. Her rep spilled to relative truth bible People so we know it's legit, but we're waiting for them to talk about it personally because they always bring the laffs.… »5/10/12 9:00am5/10/12 9:00am

Michelle Obama’s Prom Picture Is Pretty Damn Sexy

Michelle Obama is so cool that not even her prom picture is embarrassing. Yes, it's a little risque (avert your eyes, Sasha and Malia), and it's definitely of a certain fashion era—as is that ahhh-mazing wicker chair—but all things considered she looks damn good for a high schooler. The picture was unearthed by Ellen… »4/15/12 8:55pm4/15/12 8:55pm

Obama Uses Rush Limbaugh's Idiocy to Teach Malia and Sasha a Stirring Lesson

At his press conference this afternoon, President Obama was asked for his opinion on Rush Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke comments. He didn't want to speak to the sincerity of Limbaugh's apology or the fact that he's shedding advertisers at a breakneck pace, but he did offer a nice explanation for why he decided to call »3/06/12 11:15pm3/06/12 11:15pm

President Obama Wins The Hearts Of Bookworms Everywhere

Yesterday President Obama upped his nerdy dad cred considerably when he took Sasha and Malia shopping at a local independent bookstore. They visited Kramerbooks, which is just a few blocks from the White House, as part of small business Saturday, an effort to get people to shop at local businesses after the big box… »11/27/11 12:05pm11/27/11 12:05pm

First Things First: What Kind Of Dog Should The First Puppy Be?

During the election campaign, Barack and Michelle Obama promised to buy their daughters Malia and Sasha a dog once the election was over, win or lose. During his victory speech at Grant Park last night, Obama brought up the puppy issue publicly and announced that a young canine will »11/05/08 2:20pm11/05/08 2:20pm be accompanying them to the White…