Dudes, Stop Putting Women in the Girlfriendzone

Many an internet whine has been wailed over women who, for some ungodly reason, do not reward the men who are nice to them with sex. It's because girls only do sex with Bad Boys, reason the complainants, and they're always putting Nice Guys in the ~*friendzone*~, a terrible space where these hapless, lovestruck Nice… »1/24/14 1:00pm1/24/14 1:00pm


Friendships Between Boys and Girls More Beneficial To Boys

A team of French Canadian researchers followed 400 adolescents' friendships with members of the opposite sex and published their findings in the Journal of Research on Adolescence. Among their findings: while girls receive certain perks from befriending boys- access to alcohol from boys who reached the legal drinking… »3/13/11 6:23pm3/13/11 6:23pm