Thoughtful Gentlemen Are Obsessed With Male Contraception

Male contraception may not exist yet — doesn't it seem like it's always just on the horizon? — but eager dudes are already lining up in the thousands to try out alternative forms of birth control geared towards their semen. It's not that we want to make fun of guys like Lenny Smalls, who recently took it upon himself… »6/14/12 2:40pm6/14/12 2:40pm


Whore Pills for Men: The Contraceptive Dream That May Actually Come True

Women have long had the honor of being the only ones with birth control pills available to them, but new research suggests this could soon be changing. Two new studies have just come out which make non-hormonal contraception for men look like it could be a real thing someday soonish — and we might even be able to… »5/25/12 11:20am5/25/12 11:20am

Stephen Colbert Reveals His Genius Plan to Start Giving Men Transurethral Ultrasounds

Last night Stephen Colbert addressed the possibility that men may soon be able to take their own form of birth control pills. He's concerned that this will destroy the lives of many sacred sperm who could go on to become babies. His solution? Give every man a transurethral ultrasound (ouch!) before they're allowed to… »3/01/12 9:00pm3/01/12 9:00pm