Hollis' 24-Hour Product Diary: On the Road

I’m a touring musician, and as such, the two things that stress me out the most day-of shows—besides the inevitable gaggle of friends asking to be put on the guest list—are what I’m wearing and what my face looks like. When it comes to beauty, I’m low- to no-maintenance; a result of my strict parents who forbade me… »11/17/15 1:55pm11/17/15 1:55pm


Madeleine's 24-Hour Product Diary: Am I Doing This Right?

A couple of weeks ago, while stuck in a stalled subway car, I tried to entertain myself by tallying up the total amount of money I’ve spent having my hair dyed. “Considering that I’ve been coloring my hair once every 2-4 months since I was 17...” Here I stopped. The cost is too depressing and what I learned in that… »11/11/15 12:10pm11/11/15 12:10pm

Jenn Culp's 24-Hour Product Diary: Orange Hair and Attacks of Introversion

I think of my daily beauty routine sort of like I’m a mage in a tower doing these weird little esoteric rituals regularly in between my other duties, mixing up and applying potions and powders and performing these odd—but graceful!—little rituals to cast spells and influence events. The things I do in service of… »11/05/15 6:00pm11/05/15 6:00pm

Eyeliner and Liner Notes: The 1960s

As we’ve worked through the last several decades of makeup trends in North America and Western Europe, you may have noticed that – aside from a few minor changes – the 1930s through to the 1950s were basically same verse, same as the first as far as the looks go. I could’ve basically just written an article that said,… »11/03/15 12:40pm11/03/15 12:40pm

Here's the Best Quick-Drying Makeup Brush Cleanser For Lazy Slobs

According to professional makeup artists, brushes should be cleaned with soap and water at least once a month, at most once a week. According to me, I mean, do what you can? Life is short. There are dishes and children and teeth in need of cleansing. Brushes are pretty far down on my list of shit to take care of, you… »10/30/15 3:46pm10/30/15 3:46pm

Makeup That Will Get You Laid-- Er...Make You Look Just Like Lana Del Rey

Happy Halloween, dolls! I was going to make myself look extra creepy for your seasonally-appropriate viewing pleasure, but then something came up: I noticed that the man I love has been listening to a LOT of Our Lady Lana lately. Like, nonstop. I don’t know how things work in your universe, but personally I find that… »10/28/15 1:16pm10/28/15 1:16pm

Start Your Week With Some Outdated Beauty Advice

Fashion Faces: 20 Stunning Make-Up Ideas was published in 1982. The looks are at times hard to tell apart — more brown eyeshadow, more mascara, more red lipstick — but the names are endlessly entertaining. Here we have “Cool Executive” and I’m sure you’ll agree she is very cool and very executive. Here are some tis… »10/26/15 1:10pm10/26/15 1:10pm

Jake Bailey, Makeup Artist for Katy Perry and Others, Found Dead in His Home 

Jake Bailey, a beloved makeup artist for celebrities like Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Emmy Rossum, was found dead in his Los Angeles home on Friday morning. The 37-year-old Bailey is believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The New York Daily News reports that Bailey worked with Perry on… »10/24/15 1:45pm10/24/15 1:45pm

Lime Crime Founder Claims Their Website Is Safe, Shuts Down Her 'Bullies'

In February, beauty brand Lime Crime’s website was hacked and customer financial information was compromised. Customers alleged that the company response to the breach was less than swift, pinning the blame on Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. Then, in July, the company received further attention for a warning letter the… »10/23/15 4:10pm10/23/15 4:10pm

Here's the Best Classic Red Lip Stain that Stays On Forever

Some people are so stylish that they can transcend makeup, can pull off every trend, no matter how objectively ugly, with the cool blase of a Mick Jagger muse. As somebody who has been doing her makeup virtually the same way since I was a teenager, I am not one of those people. I like to find products that work for me… »10/23/15 3:30pm10/23/15 3:30pm

Fun-Ruining Senator Chuck Schumer Reminds Us That Children's Halloween Makeup May Contain 'Toxic Chinese Chemicals'

Chuck Schumer just realized that sometimes fun comes at a cost and rather than just be cool with that like the rest of us, he’s decided to try and ruin Halloween for everyone. As one could assume given even half a second to think about it, some Halloween makeup is made in China, a country reknowned for it’s… »10/20/15 2:30pm10/20/15 2:30pm

Which Beauty Treatments Do You 'Believe In?'

This weekend I participated in two beauty rituals that are probably nonsense: a professional facial and an at-home clay mask. The facial was part of a campaign to take better care of myself, and though it felt really good, I’m not convinced that 50 minutes of slathering non-medical-grade goo on anyone’s face, and then… »10/19/15 1:15pm10/19/15 1:15pm