Cocoa Couture: Ivory Coast Designer Works Sackcloth Style

Ivorian fashion designer Felicite Mai sees the clothes she crafts from jute cocoa bean sacks as a tribute to her father, a tailor-turned-cocoa planter who gave his daughter her first sewing machine. Cocoa is the Ivory Coast's top export, and Mai sources her materials from the warehouses of an Abidjan port. "'Ivory… » 7/10/08 5:40pm 7/10/08 5:40pm

How Tim Gunn Is Connected To J. Edgar Hoover, And Other Surprises About Project Runway's Favorite Father-Hen

Loving Tim Gunn is nothing new. He's just always so Tim Gunn. And during an appearance at NYC's 92nd Street Y last night, Tim did not disappoint. The Project Runway favorite ruminated on his life so far and we fell in love with him all over again. "Every day I pinch myself and say, When am I going to wake up from this… » 3/12/08 4:00pm 3/12/08 4:00pm