Maine High School Cancels Homecoming Because Kids Are Dancing Too Sexy Now

Someone page Ren McCormack, because a Maine high school just outlawed dancing. Gorham High School in Gorham, ME has said “no” to freaking, grinding, and twerking, and the students—many of whom are upset that they won’t get to dress up or take pictures at the lousy bonfire their school has scheduled instead—need… »10/08/15 5:10pm10/08/15 5:10pm


Maine Sheriff Walks Back Order Asking Lawyers to Remove Bras When Visiting Jail

Cumberland County Jail has had some problems contraband getting in. That’s why the Maine jail’s security protocols have been tightened to make sure anyone entering won’t bring something metal along with them. Unfortunately, the metal detectors weren’t just picking up keys and bracelets—they were also picking up bras.… »9/22/15 7:00pm9/22/15 7:00pm

Maine Politicians Take a Break from Governing to Have Vaseline Fight

A town hall held by Maine Governor Paul LePage ended a little early after an enraged former mayor tossed a jar of Vaseline at him. Nothing could make me happier than the preceding sentence. Literally nothing could be funnier than politicians throwing Vaseline at other politicians. This is pretty much direct… »4/03/15 11:10am4/03/15 11:10am

Will Maine have the first openly Gay Governor elected in the US?

Mike Michaud, the democratic candidate who currently serves as a US representative for Maine's 2nd congressional district is in a dead heat with incumbent Tea Partier, Paul LePage for the 2014 governor election. Maine's politics are a little more complicated than many states in that the governor has been elected by… »6/25/14 10:57pm6/25/14 10:57pm

World's Greatest Grandpa Encourages Mainers to Vote For Marriage Equality

Harlan Gardner, a 90-year-old World War II vet and grandpa we want to hug, makes a touching appeal for Mainers United for Marriage, a group that's encouraging state residents to vote yes on an upcoming referendum to allow gay marriage. The short video is just so lovely and wonderful that now I need to go hug my… »10/18/12 11:45pm10/18/12 11:45pm

Woman Uses Nunchuks to Fight Off Violent Ex-Boyfriend

Nunchuks really don't get used often enough, it seems, which is a shame because Michelangelo was clearly the most rad Ninja Turtle. Then again, people would probably only deploy their nunchuk skills when faced with a really threatening adversary, which is what happened when woman in Winslow, Maine was forced to fend… »10/12/12 10:00am10/12/12 10:00am

It's Too Late for You to Win the North American Wife Carrying Contest. This Year.

Robert Robbins carries his wife over the finish life at the 2012 North American Wife Carrying contest in Newry, Maine. Apparently the more the wife weighs, the more prize money the couple gets, so at least there's that? I personally think it'd be a lot fresher, if more cumbersome, to have the wife pointed forward,… »10/07/12 11:00pm10/07/12 11:00pm

Senator Olympia Snowe Retires Because She's Had Enough of This Partisan Bullshit

In a serious blow to reasonable behavior in our nation's capital, longtime Senator Olympia Snowe, Republican of Maine, announced today that she will retire at the end of her current term. This surprising decision was not due to political pressure—she was expected to be re-elected easily—and, in fact, it puts her… »2/28/12 9:00pm2/28/12 9:00pm

3-Year-Old Girl Goes for Mile-Long Walk by Herself in the Middle of Night

This ought to set your heart into overdrive: Hope Trott, a 3-year-old from Maine, woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday and left her house all by herself. She then proceeded to walk a mile in fresh snow to a grocery store, because apparently she thought her mother was inside buying a pizza. It's not clear… »2/23/12 11:15pm2/23/12 11:15pm