These Intrepid Duck Mail-Carriers Will Make Your Day

At a the Emmanuel Nursing Home in Minnesota, Piper and the Pipettes — who are ducklings — help deliver mail, which sounds both adorable and remarkably inefficient, since every time they stop in someone's room, they demand to be petted. Still, it's not a bad impulse to have civic-minded animals help out with different… »6/24/12 4:00pm6/24/12 4:00pm

Post Office Responds To Internet Threat By Getting Even Slower

The U.S. Postal Service is going bankrupt thanks in part to people paying bills instantly online and conveying important news in Facebook posts rather than letters, and ironically, the proposed solution to the problem may drive more people onto the internet. The agency announced today that it's closing about half of… »12/05/11 9:18pm12/05/11 9:18pm

Beleaguered Post Office Demands Extra Penny For Stamps

It's time to hoard those "forever" stamps, or just budget an extra three cents for all the letters you'll be mailing next year. In the first price increase in more than two years, stamps will cost 45 cents as of January 22. Postcards will go up three cents, and there are some other small increases that will amount to… »10/19/11 11:15am10/19/11 11:15am