Drag Race's Pearl Has Floated From Heaven to Grace the Cover of Dazed 

PEARL WAS ROBBED, OKURRRRR? The Brooklyn drag queen has been living out the injustices of having not won last season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race DESPITE being the most lovely queen and sexiest boy and spiritually closest to everyone’s favorite ‘luded-out housewives in Valley of the Dolls. But now, the best Brits over at Dazed »9/17/15 10:28am9/17/15 10:28am

Very Ugly Prada Dress Plagues Multiple September Issues

A dress from Prada’s Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show has made its way onto not one but two September covers this fall. It’s also snuck into a few other magazines in the past couple months, and its popularity has resulted in an embarrassing fallout: not only is the dress ugly, several publications seemingly anticipated… »8/24/15 11:45am8/24/15 11:45am

What's Going On With This Insane Dr. Brandt Profile?

Vanity Fair readers have come to expect a certain bourgeois haughtiness in its prose, or at least a very proper, often snooty, and distant tone that capitalizes on the fantasies it sells its ideal well-heeled readership and the masses they intrigue. It wouldn’t really work to read about the lost diaries of Marilyn, or… »8/11/15 2:40pm8/11/15 2:40pm

Victoria Hearst's Dumb Campaign to Blind Shoppers From Cosmo Worked

For the past several months, Victoria Hearst, the great-granddaughter of Hearst Corporation founder William Randolph Hearst, has been working with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to make sure issues of a magazine that helped make her family quite rich are appropriately blocked from the eyes of… »7/30/15 6:40pm7/30/15 6:40pm

Amy Schumer Is Nude and Covered In Trash On the Cover of EW

Amy Schumer is now eligible to join the Comedy Central Amys Who’ve Gotten Naked In Piles Of Things People Normally Aren’t Naked In club after covering Entertainment Weekly in this American Beauty-inspired cover. She’s called “comedy’s funny, filthy, fearless new voice,” and can be seen chilling in a pile of tiny… »4/02/15 5:20pm4/02/15 5:20pm

Rise of The Kardashians: How a Family Created a Magazine Cover Dynasty

On Sunday, the 10th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres on E!. Love them or hate them, this family has become arguably the biggest success reality television hath wrought. Their show turned them from a mildly famous wealthy California family to global superstars. And what's so beautiful about the whole… »3/13/15 1:30pm3/13/15 1:30pm