American Apparel Might Not Be ‘Made in America’ for Very Much Longer

Scumbaggy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney recently used the blunderbuss of a talking hole he ordinarily uses to defend himself against sexual assault allegations to insist that his company's "Made in America" business model is not only salvageable, but a good long-term bet. This despite the fact that American Apparel… »6/03/12 1:30pm6/03/12 1:30pm


Kid Hookers A Thriving New American Employment Sector, State Dept Report Shows

Great news! Our trade imbalance with other nations may be ever-widening, but demand for one American export is on the rise: our child sex slaves! A new State Department survey puts our fair nation in company with Jamaica, Japan, and the Netherlands which means our sex trafficking business is booming as if we were dirt… »9/13/07 1:00pm9/13/07 1:00pm