Matthew Weiner Identifies With Peggy, Wants Don's Car

The New York Times Magazine offered a peek into Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner's L.A. home, which unsurprisingly has a retro feel (though it's more '30s than '60s and there isn't a fainting couch in sight). But of course, some bits of the show have seeped into his real life. Weiner is a fan of whiskey, and like many… » 10/02/11 11:32pm 10/02/11 11:32pm

Mad Men To Go On For Three More Seasons

The epic bureaucratic deadlock keeping you and your boyfriend Jon Hamm apart has finally ended, as it appears that the show will be back for a fifth season starting next January. Two more seasons will follow, and at that point, Sterling Cooper Draper Cramer Price Alcoholism Racism & Philanderer, Inc will be closing… » 6/12/11 1:00pm 6/12/11 1:00pm

Matt Weiner Finalizes Mad Men Deal

AMC, Lionsgate, and Matt Weiner have finally reached a deal that will bring back Mad Men for two seasons. Plus, no characters will be killed off! (January Jones is breathing a sigh of relief.) » 3/31/11 10:13pm 3/31/11 10:13pm

Mad Men Talks Fall Apart Over Network's Crappy Demands

Earlier, we learned that Matt Weiner was close to making a deal with AMC to bring back Mad Men for two seasons, but now negotiations have broken down — and with good reason. You may not feel much sympathy for Weiner after learning that he's demanding $30 million over the next two years, which would him the… » 3/29/11 12:23pm 3/29/11 12:23pm

Mad Men Is Coming Back, But Not Anytime Soon

There's good news and bad news for Mad Men fans. Creator Matt Weiner is working on a deal that would extend the show through a fifth and sixth season, but negotiations are taking so long that we won't be spending Sundays with Don and Joan this summer. In fact, production may be so delayed that the program won't come… » 3/22/11 11:48pm 3/22/11 11:48pm

Christina Hendricks Playboy Photos Released On Twitter

This week Playboy asked Twitter followers to identify the actress in this photo from the July 1999 issue. The nearly unrecognizable lass is Christina Hendricks, who looks fairly classy (for someone straddling a Speedo-clad dude while drinking with clowns). » 1/13/11 6:15pm 1/13/11 6:15pm

Video Reveals Hidden Murder Plot On Mad Men

We've been so blind. We watched all of Mad Men without realizing Pete and Don are plotting to kill each other. Pete's readying his shotgun! Don made that plane go down! Or perhaps we're too easily swayed by dramatic music. » 12/23/10 4:55pm 12/23/10 4:55pm

Mad Men Meet Mr. Men For Age-Inappropriate Carousing

Want to expose your children to great TV without traumatizing them for life? Humor site has created a Mad Men storybook based on the Mr. Men series. Now we just need Mr. McNulty to teach kids about the game. » 10/26/10 2:48pm 10/26/10 2:48pm

Meet The Real-Life Joan Holloway

When we learned that Christina Hendricks was going to be at Bloomingdale's, and that it was possible to interview her, it was decided that I should bring along my large doll, coordinate our outfits and check it out. » 10/12/10 11:50am 10/12/10 11:50am

Mad Men Costume Designer's QVC Collection Is A Mixed Bag At Best

We were thrilled when we heard Janie Bryant, Mad Men's costume designer, was doing a vintage-inspired line. But looking at the available pieces on QVC, our dreams of retro office-dresses, pen necklaces and sleek suits were dashed! » 9/28/10 11:57am 9/28/10 11:57am

Have You Been Caught Masturbating? Do Tell.

It was cringe-inducing watching poor Sally get caught in the "unnatural" act of touching herself on last night's Mad Men...but partially because so many people can relate! A Sally Draper Moment is by no means limited to Sally Draper. » 8/23/10 3:17pm 8/23/10 3:17pm

Revel In Pete Campbell's Bitchface

The tumblr Pete Campbell's Bitchface ensures you'll never have to wait for the next episode of Mad Men to see the delightful expressions "everyone's favorite little shit" makes while blackmailing Don, refusing to discuss adoption, and offering sexist fashion advice. » 8/10/10 7:01pm 8/10/10 7:01pm

Mad Men: See Joan's Trip To The Gyno

SPOILERISH! You know how in most episodes of Mad Men there's a scene that hits you like a prostitute slapping Don in the face? This sneak preview clip featuring Joan from next week's episode may be that scene. » 8/05/10 9:54am 8/05/10 9:54am

The Debate As To Whether Or Not America Is Still "Fun" Rages On

Responding to Katie Roiphe's argument that we've gone all virtuous since the gin-soaked days of Sterling-Cooper (which arguments in sum Amanda Marcotte termed "so wrong that it makes people physically uncomfortable") people are making the case for our own debauchery: » 8/03/10 2:31pm 8/03/10 2:31pm

Christina Hendricks' Yearbook Photo

Best Week Ever has unearthed yearbook photos of Christina Hendricks, which reveal that before being transformed into a red-haired, retro sex symbol, she wrote for the student literary magazine and was subjected to horrible 90s fashion — just like us! » 8/02/10 7:26pm 8/02/10 7:26pm

The Best Mad Men Infomercial Pitches

We asked you to create a Mad Men-style ad for popular infomercial products, and the response was highly impressive. But only one ad could win the big prize; here are our favorites and the lucky winner. » 7/27/10 10:00am 7/27/10 10:00am

Reminder: Mad Men Barbie Contest Ends On Sunday

Don't forget, our contest to win a complete set of Mad Men Barbies dolls ends Sunday, July 25, at 8pm EDT, so keeping sending in those Sterling Cooper-style ads! Full details here. » 7/23/10 11:20am 7/23/10 11:20am

Contest: Win A Complete Set Of Mad Men Barbie Dolls!

To celebrate Sunday's season four premiere, we're giving away a set of four Mad Men Barbie dolls. To score these treasured items, you must prove that you and your Photoshop skills could cut it at Sterling Cooper. » 7/21/10 12:00pm 7/21/10 12:00pm

Red-Carpet Madness At Mad Men Premiere

It's here! Mad Men Season 4 officially premiered last night in Hollywood. And while January may have been MIA, all your other favorite skirts and suits represented...even if their actual skirts and suits weren't exactly up to Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce standards... » 7/21/10 10:24am 7/21/10 10:24am

The Best One-Liners From The Women Of Mad Men

We got a heaping dose of sexism from the last compilation of Mad Men quips, but now TrèsSugar is letting the ladies respond. Click to watch Joan, Peggy, and Betty share some words of wisdom on men, love, and sex. » 7/20/10 2:12pm 7/20/10 2:12pm