Well, Breaking Bad happened in real life

If Breaking Bad's central conceit — that a harried high school chemistry teacher and his former student team up to enter the lucrative world of methamphetamine production — seems too outlandish to you, here's a strange case that demonstrates just how life can mirror art. » 12/04/11 3:35pm 12/04/11 3:35pm

A virus that could rewire your brain to help you lose weight

Want to trick your brain into making you feel less hungry? Now a new study shows how scientists could use a virus to alter your brain so you don't get as hungry. Read more via io9 » 5/06/11 4:59pm 5/06/11 4:59pm

A psychoactive drug that's spread through unprotected sex with men

You're a nefarious supervillian and you want to transform this city into a hive of mind-controlled minions. But you also need the element of surprise. Two new scientific studies offer a possible solution. You can implant behavior-changing proteins in sperm, creating a sexually-transmitted form of mind control. » 3/16/11 6:22pm 3/16/11 6:22pm