10 Things You May Have Missed In TV This Week

In this week's TV roundup, a touching goodbye on Mad Men, a rousing speech on Game of Thrones, the Roots get a shout out and here's a taste of True Blood Season 5. » 6/01/12 7:00pm 6/01/12 7:00pm

Sookie, Alcide is willing to let you stay with him despite you being an insufferable moron. I don't think anything else you say would really…

Baby Gets Hilariously Pissed About Having to Eat Green Beans

Dude, what is this nasty green stuff, and why do you keep putting it in my mouth? Do it again, and I am going to GROWL at you. I am serious. » 4/29/12 11:15pm 4/29/12 11:15pm

In Moving Act Of Selflessness, Kris Jenner Gets Face Lift For…

At the link, you can watch video of Kris Jenner undergoing a "mini" face lift so she'll look "refreshed" on Kim Kardashian's wedding day. She really is a thoughtful and generous mom. But seriously, folks, what is wrong with out society? Why do we treat aging like a disease? Will small children run screaming, will… » 7/15/11 9:00am 7/15/11 9:00am

"On The Next Mad Men" Draws Considerable Mockery [Updated]

Each week, Mad Men's promos have grown increasing inscrutable. Now in new parody videos, characters from shows like Arrested Development and The Office spew meaningless phrases like "Oh, it's you," and "Really?" as overly-dramatic music swells in the background. » 8/26/10 1:43pm 8/26/10 1:43pm

From One Gal To Another, I Bid You Adieu

I was hoping to spend some more time here today doing things that would be interesting to readers, but apparently all you want from me is pictures of "sweaty cock." Fine by me! Either way, it's been the realest, gals. » 7/05/10 5:45pm 7/05/10 5:45pm

Mad Finds Sarah Palin Comical

Sarah Palin is 18th on the "20 Dumbest of 2009" list in the new issue of Mad. The magazine shows her batting "The Joker" (David Letterman) in a "Blunder Woman" outfit that makes Newsweek's running shorts cover look tame. [Mediaite] » 11/30/09 11:20am 11/30/09 11:20am

Rihanna's New Track Disses Chris; Twilight Sequel Script Trashed?

The Retro Women Of Mad Men Are The Most Interesting On TV

In case you've been living sub-rock, or, like, ahem, some of us, are subject to the fickle whims of illegal download connections, critics' darling Mad Men begins its second season on AMC this week. You probably know the drill: pitch-perfect period drama set in a 1960 Madison Avenue ad agency; lives of quiet… » 7/21/08 2:00pm 7/21/08 2:00pm