Amy Winehouse Gives Back Gowns With Sick Surprise

  • What kind of fuckery is this? Amy Winehouse borrowed some designer dresses. When she returned them, they were splattered with vomit. [Mirror]
  • Some of the puke-stained dresses had developed furry mold on them. [Hey, I'm eating breakfast, lady! - Ed.] [CelebNewsWire]
  • Meanwhile, Amy is trying to launch the singing career…
  • » 9/26/08 9:00am 9/26/08 9:00am

Oprah To (Maybe) Guest Star On 30 Rock

  • Oprah! In final talks! To be on 30 Rock! She'll play herself in scenes with Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon. Will Arnett and Jennifer Aniston are also making appearances on the show this fall. The bad news? The season premiere doesn't air until October 30. [E!]
  • Paris Hilton has "manipulated" the Toronto Film Festival…
  • » 9/04/08 9:00am 9/04/08 9:00am