Pamela Anderson Won’t Be Wearing MAC Makeup Any Time Soon

Pamela Anderson wrote a letter to MAC Cosmetics, appalled at the company’s decision to sell products in China, where animal testing is required by law for imported cosmetics. The staunch PETA activist, who has worked with MAC in the past, discovered that the brand “abandoned its celebrated policy against animal… » 8/28/15 9:30am Friday 9:30am

MAC Cosmetics to Release Selena Collection, Thanks to Powerful Fans

20 years after Selena Quintanilla’s untimely passing, her fans remain as passionate and loyal as ever. In February, a petition on Change.org was started by Selena superfan Patty Rodriguez, urging M.A.C. Cosmetics to create a collection based on the legendary Tejano singer and beauty icon. The petition, which… » 7/16/15 10:15pm 7/16/15 10:15pm

The O.G. Selena Could Be Getting a Makeup Line

If you prefer your Selena to be more of the “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” variety rather than Biebz-related, you may be thrilled to hear that a Selena Quintanilla X MAC Cosmetics collection could be in the works. The news comes just in time to celebrate what would have been the O.G. Selena’s 44th birthday tomorrow and just… » 4/15/15 8:00pm 4/15/15 8:00pm