The Plot Thickens: Gloria Steinem, Lynda Carter Endorse DVF Comic Book

  • Deets on the Diane von Furstenberg comic book! "With 'Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be, Featuring the Adventures of Diva, Viva & Fifa,' the new comic book she authored, she doesn’t just turn herself into a bonafide superheroine, but offers inspiring tales about women and the life-empowering choices they face — all with…
  • »10/07/08 11:30am10/07/08 11:30am

Tara Reid's Not Getting Hitched; Amy Winehouse Remains A Hot Mess

  • Tara Reid looks like she has no longer been ridden hard and put away wet! The former winner of Miss Hot Mess 2002-2007 is dating fashion executive Julien Jarmoune and apparently fending off marriage rumors. A pal of the couple says, "It looks like she's finally gotten her act together!" [E! Online, AHN]
  • Someone who…
  • »9/12/08 9:00am9/12/08 9:00am

Fashion Victims: Paris Couture Week Brings Out The Megafans In France

When you think about it, going to a fashion show dressed head-to-toe in that designer's work is like going to a Yankee game in full pinstripes. Read: kinda lame. When you think about it even more, going to another continent to watch some women in conceptual clothing walk down a catwalk for fifteen minutes is weird,… »7/02/08 10:30am7/02/08 10:30am

We Wish Celebrity Variety Shows Would Come Back In Style

Apparently Lynda Carter had a variety show in like '79 or '80. Above is a clip from it in which she sings "I Was Made for Lovin' You" by Kiss. What's confusing is that we can't really tell if that's actually Kiss dancing with her or guys that just are made up to look like Kiss. Either way, Bob Mackie had to have… »10/26/07 5:30pm10/26/07 5:30pm

Wonder Woman Ropes 'Lasso Of Truth' Around Hollywood's Starving Starlets

  • Our preschool hero, Lynda Carter, tells the TV tabloid show Extra that she's sick of anorexic actresses. "These people are crazy. Any place else in the country besides New York and L.A. and they would be in a hospital." [Extra]
  • Scientists are developing an IVF treatment that sounds like something out of the Minnesota…
  • »7/25/07 4:30pm7/25/07 4:30pm