How to Catch a Liar (or Become a Really Good One)

I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at spotting a liar. Like this morning, when I went to grab some ice cubes for my cold brew and there was only ONE CUBE left between BOTH TRAYS and I said to the 10-year-old, "Did you put the ice cube trays back in the freezer with only one ice cube left?" and she looked at me with… » 4/09/14 4:15pm 4/09/14 4:15pm

Fox News Says Middle School Anti-Bullying Class Is 'Lesbian Role Play'

When Bard College students recently held anti-bullying workshops at a middle school on topics like gender identity and consent, instructors split boys and girls into two groups to practice "saying no" in a comfortable setting. Cut to: Fox News claiming that the girls' class promoted "lesbian role play" while boys were… » 5/02/13 10:40am 5/02/13 10:40am

Almost 40% Of Women Use Their Period As An Excuse To Get Out Of Lame…

My glorious monthly flow (or, at least, my convincing lies to Mrs. Dunn about having it at that very moment) sure served me well during the swim portion of high school gym class, but for almost half of women, it doesn't end there. An online study of 1,000 women has found that 38% of women have used our menstrual cycle… » 10/20/12 2:00pm 10/20/12 2:00pm

Is Mitt Romney a Race Baiting Felon? (Possibly!)

Irony of ironies: after being booed by an unimpressed crowd at the NAACP convention yesterday, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney turned around and tried to use those boos to get his rich white friends to give him more money at a fundraiser. "Support my run for President! Black people hate me!" And less than twenty-four… » 7/12/12 1:50pm 7/12/12 1:50pm

This Won't End Well: MTV Casting Show about People who Lie on the…

Piggybacking on success of the maybe-real, maybe-fake documentary Catfish (spoiler alert! Someone lies on the internet!), MTV has begun casting a TV spinoff of the show. So if you or someone you know is about to become entangled in a web of lies, if you're maintaining multiple fake social networking accounts or… » 7/05/12 11:00am 7/05/12 11:00am

When Making Deals, Men Have a More Flexible Sense of Right and Wrong…

When you're negotiating with someone, it's often hard to know who you're dealing with. Are they honest or are they willing to lie, cheat, or steal to get what they want? Well, there's no surefire way to tell—until you discover later that you've been screwed over, of course—but the results of new research show that if… » 5/02/12 11:55pm 5/02/12 11:55pm

Twelve Completely Foolproof And Not-At-All-Crazy Ways To Make Sure He's …

In this age of online sleuthery, everyone's got a horror story about using the internet in uncovering how some guy they were dating lied and said he was a doctor when he was really a nurse, or said he was single when he was really married, or insisted he was a professional athlete when he was really Raffi. A class… » 10/17/11 1:35pm 10/17/11 1:35pm

The Ultimate Fake-Girlfriend Story

Peter Coffin has earned the ridicule of the Internet for (allegedly) making up a fake girlfriend and using "her" various social networking accounts to harass a model and tell racist jokes. He's still denying wrongdoing, but the whole scandal raises a question: why would somebody invent a fake girlfriend in the first… » 3/25/11 3:00pm 3/25/11 3:00pm