Luxury Brand "Bargains" Aplenty, But Who's Interested?

People whose job it is to shill luxury brands are flipping the fuck out right about now. According to Guy Trebay's panicky piece in yesterday's New York Times, everything, everything is on sale. Barneys New York had a "designer freak-out sale." Saks dumped Prada wallets — usually kept under glass — into… » 12/04/08 2:40pm 12/04/08 2:40pm

Former YSL Exec Wonders: Is All That Expensive Crap Really Necessary? (Hint: No!)

A few months back a curious thing happened to a big luxury brand executive: she began questioning what the crap the point of all those logos was. So she quit her job at Yves St. Laurent and got a new job working someplace slightly less offensive so she could go all existential in today's Huffington Post: » 10/17/07 11:30am 10/17/07 11:30am