Rich Idiots Will Pay Nearly $30K a Night to Sleep in Luxury Hotels

Those darn wealthy people! It's like every time you see them, they're doing some ridiculous new thing like lighting a cigar with a $100 bill, buying their way onto lifeboats on the Titanic or tricking a rube into selling his oil-rich land for far less than it's worth. And this time's no different. Now, our world's… » 1/21/14 3:00pm 1/21/14 3:00pm

Your Guide to Mindfulness, the Next Hot Luxury Marketing Trend

I'm of two minds about mindfulness. Sure, it's a great concept: Stop and smell the genetically modified blue roses every now and again, disconnect, focus on the moment and transcend the frenetic pace of existence. And yet, the idea of mindful living as THE hot marketing trend of 2014 threatens to take a perfectly nice… » 1/16/14 4:30pm 1/16/14 4:30pm

Behold la Chatelaine, the Versatile Device for the No-Bullshit Crafter

What, pray tell, is this remarkably versatile piece of utilitarian jewelry? It’s a “chatelaine,” which bore all the accessories most useful to an extremely fancy woman living in the 19th century. They held all sorts of things, from whistles to thimble buckets, and the really well-made chatelaines were minor… » 5/24/13 10:25am 5/24/13 10:25am

Chanel Kindly Offers To Sell You Cotton Balls for $20

Hey there, moneybags! Were you standing in your bathroom this morning, staring at the priceless antique jar you fill with cotton balls, thinking to yourself, "These little wads of cotton just aren't soft enough for my fine face. If only there was something more luxurious I could invest in"? Well, it's your lucky day!… » 12/04/11 4:50pm 12/04/11 4:50pm