Ex Lululemon CEO Admits 2013 Interview Was 'Biggest Disaster of My Life'

Ever since the fateful day two years ago when Lululemon founder Chip Wilson uttered a slew of idiotic comments (including one being about his yoga pants “not working for some women’s bodies), he has kept mum on his controversial statements—until now. Wilson, who also served as the company’s CEO, recently reflected on… »10/08/15 10:50am10/08/15 10:50am


Need A Hug? Lululemon Can Help You With That (For A Price)

The cooler seasons are finally upon us, and, as such, physical affection is—for those of us who enjoy it—no longer a sweaty, odorous affair. But wait, what’s that you say? You don’t have someone to hug? Never fear: Lululemon’s new Hugged Sensation line will heal that gaping emotional maw with the powers of elite… »9/28/15 10:15pm9/28/15 10:15pm

Lululemon Is Releasing a Beer Called 'Curiosity Lager' LMAO

Because How Does My Ass Look IPA and Conspicuous Consumption Please-Don’t-Call-Me-Stout were taken, Lululemon’s new, overdue, highly anticipated entry into the craft beer market is called “Curiosity Lager.” According to the New York Post, it’s made with “made with chinook and lemon drop hops for a ‘crisp, cold beer.’”… »7/22/15 11:10am7/22/15 11:10am

Lululemon Diaries: My Life in an Exploitative Libertarian Happiness Cult

In years past, Lululemon has made the news most frequently in matters related to founder Chip Wilson, a man prone to tone-deaf statements who brought his company into permanent association with strange health claims, Ayn Rand devotion, and an aversion to large bodies. After Wilson vacated his management role in 2012… »7/15/15 12:10pm7/15/15 12:10pm

Men Are Really Excited Over Lululemon's "Anti-Ball Crushing" Pants 

Lululemon, hawker of overpriced yoga pants that pill because you're fat, hasn't been performing financially well as of late. Between a class action lawsuit and a strict return policy, Lululemon seems like a company that can't dig its way out of its problems. Indeed, they suffered an eight percent profit drop in the… »3/28/15 1:45pm3/28/15 1:45pm

Resellers Hope Idiots Will Pay $800 For Lululemon Shorts

Lululemon isn't just for yoga anymore. The athleisure (this is a word?) brand's clothing is quickly becoming less exercise wear and more a sign of a healthy and inspirational lifestyle —and with pieces being discontinued as quickly as they're coming on to the market, the brand's offerings are a reseller's dream. Now… »3/13/15 1:50pm3/13/15 1:50pm

Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Leaves, Feels Like He's 'Been in Prison'

Dennis "Chip" Wilson, the Lululemon co-founder whose mouth poops offensive statements, announced Monday that he's stepping down from his board post at the overpriced yoga pants shrine that he and his wife built. In light of his exit, The New York Times spoke to the extremely Zen clothier for a lengthy profile, in… »2/02/15 5:30pm2/02/15 5:30pm

Lululemon Investors Blame Financial Woes on CEO's 'Dumpy' Body

Good to know that it isn't just Lululemon's customer base that's subject to snide fat-shaming and goofball body standards—it's also their leader! According to some intrepid New York Post reporting, multiple Lululemon shareholders are very concerned about CEO Laurent Potdevin's business acumen. And by that they mean… »4/22/14 3:30pm4/22/14 3:30pm