Lululemon Investors Blame Financial Woes on CEO's 'Dumpy' Body

Good to know that it isn't just Lululemon's customer base that's subject to snide fat-shaming and goofball body standards—it's also their leader! According to some intrepid New York Post reporting, multiple Lululemon shareholders are very concerned about CEO Laurent Potdevin's business acumen. And by that they mean his … » 4/22/14 3:30pm Yesterday 3:30pm

​Judge Issues Final Dismissals of Lululemon Lawsuits

The long, convoluted, and just plain awful battle between sheer leggings purveyor Lululemon and its shareholders has finally come to an unfulfilling end because apparently there's no real legal statue regarding being an asshole. Chicago Tribune reports that in the past week or so, US District Judge Katherine Forrest… » 4/20/14 12:30pm Sunday 12:30pm

Lululemon's Constant Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse

We should all send condolences in the form of deep yoga breaths to those dealing with Lululemon's social media platforms, because they're at the mercy of a company making one bad decision after the next. » 2/19/14 12:00pm 2/19/14 12:00pm

Luluman To Make Men's Yoga Pants Because God Either Loves Or Hates You

Lululemon, that store that gives you the opportunity to pay upwards of $90 to have strangers see your asscrack, is branching out into new asscrack demographics with vary different potentials for asscrack tragedy: men, and children. » 2/07/14 7:00pm 2/07/14 7:00pm

Founder of Lululemon Steps Down But They've Got a New CEO

Chip Wilson, the founder of Lululemon, has announced he's stepping down as chairman of the company. In good news, they've conveniently found a new CEO after their long search: Laurent Potdevin, previously of Toms Shoes. » 12/10/13 10:00am 12/10/13 10:00am

Founders of Lulelemon Say It's Your Body's Fault If Their Pants Pill

The cult of Lululemon took a hit earlier this year when they had to recall some of their pants because they were making people look far too naked on the streets. Since then, they've lost money and tried to find a new CEO, and last week, Business Insider reported that customers were complaining about the special… » 11/06/13 5:09pm 11/06/13 5:09pm

I'm a Size 18 Yogi, and Lululemon Can Kiss My Fat Ass

Lululemon, like many major retailers before them, likes to pretend that a size 4 is the size of the average woman in the United States. Despite much evidence to the contrary, they cater their overpriced wares to an America that doesn't exist, and have no desire to change their dumb-ass ways. Therefore, I meant what I… » 8/01/13 11:10am 8/01/13 11:10am

Help Wanted: Lululemon Seeks CEO Who Voted for Pedro, Does Headstands

Lululemon has posted a Help Wanted ad to replace departing C.E.O. Christine Day. It reads kind of like it was written by a 12-year-old Redditor, if 12-year-old Redditors were really into yoga. The new C.E.O., or "head boss person," must possess a variety of personal qualities. These include the ability to "communicate… » 6/14/13 6:45pm 6/14/13 6:45pm

Lululemon Is Asking Customers To Bend Over To Prove Their Yoga Pants…

Lululemon aficionados say that the much-publicized recall of some of the company's black luon (a proprietary nylon/Lycra blend) yoga pants — which could cost the company $20 million in lost sales — is far from the only quality control issue Lululemon has recently been troubled with. The world of Lululemon blogs — yes,… » 3/23/13 4:00pm 3/23/13 4:00pm

The Lululemon Sheer Pants Debacle Gets All Crisis-y

Lululemon blames the manufacturer. The manufacturer blames Lululemon. Fingers are pointed, words are spoken that cannot be unsaid and it is us, the timid consumer — trembling in downward dog — who suffers in our see-through $100 yoga pants. Don't you hate it when mom and dad fight? Don't you hate it when mom and dad… » 3/20/13 3:00pm 3/20/13 3:00pm

Lululemon Recalls Overpriced See-Through Yoga Pants

You might have been too busy this weekend with all of the exercise sport workouts that you were doing to have heard the news, but Lululemon, the pricey yoga outfitter adored by the wealthy zen everywhere, were forced to recall a large selection of their yoga pants due to a coverage problem, i.e., wearing them meant… » 3/19/13 10:55am 3/19/13 10:55am

'Lululemon Killer' Brittany Norwood Gets Life in Prison

Brittany Norwood, the woman who was charged last March with murdering her Lululemon co-worker Jayna Murray at the Maryland store where the two women worked, was found guilty this Saturday of murder in the first degree and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The March 11 murder occurred as the … » 1/29/12 5:45pm 1/29/12 5:45pm

Designer, Animal Activist Russell Simmons Likes Cuddly Creatures, But…

  • Russell Simmons may be vegan but admits, "my clothes are not especially animal-friendly." [BlackBook]
  • In a somehow perfect/distasteful marriage, Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. will be designing the uniforms for W Hotel employees. [Portfolio]
  • We've been burned by Target's accessories collabs before, but hopes are running…
» 9/11/08 11:30am 9/11/08 11:30am

Is Anna Wintour Taking Money From Charity To Pay Amy Linehouse?

  • Does Anna Wintour love Amy Winehouse even more than Karl Lagerfeld does? Word on the street is that the singer who wouldn't go to rehab only to go to rehab has been offered $1 million to play at the Wintour-hosted Costume Institute Gala. But a rep says that can't be true since the Costume Institute Gala is supposed…
» 3/19/08 11:30am 3/19/08 11:30am