Who the Fuck Gives a Shit About Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth has a new collection for Topshop. Actually, it's her second collection for Topshop. She's also on the November cover of Lucky magazine. Actually, it's her second time being on the cover of Lucky. However. Can you recall seeing her in any film besides Blue Crush? Which came out more than ten years ago? » 10/24/13 2:50pm 10/24/13 2:50pm

Why Did Lucky Print a Bold-faced Lie About One of Its Readers?

Do you ever feel jealous when you read magazine articles about "normal girls" who are ostensibly "just like you" yet lead obnoxiously perfect-sounding lives? Like, they throw weekly intimate dinner parties for their 15 closest friends, or their summer "must-have" is one great $500 sarong, or their boyfriend leaves… » 6/12/12 2:20pm 6/12/12 2:20pm

Lucky Magazine's YA-Inspired Fashion Spread is the Best Thing Ever

In my new favorite magazine feature of all time, Lucky Magazine put together almost 50 slides of "fashion inspired by awesome teen novels." The slideshow includes obvious but fun choices like The Hunger Games (with day and night "fire dress" options) and Twilight, but there's also The Babysitters Club (Claudia would » 2/25/12 11:37am 2/25/12 11:37am

Ladymags Totally Loving This Navajo 'Trend'

Urban Outfitters may have changed the names of their non-Navajo-made "Navajo" products, but in the October issues, Navajo is still super cool. » 10/20/11 3:40pm 10/20/11 3:40pm

In the October issue of , a caption reads, "Pixelated and magnified, a Najavo print becomes infinitely more modern." Infinitely! There is literally no limit to how modern…