LSU Bro Shows Class How to Seduce Women: 'Make Her Believe She Doesn't Have a Choice'

You know that guy in every one of your college classes who thinks he’s God’s gift to comedy, but he’s actually sort of a clumsy sexist idiot? Meet Brandon Dorner, an LSU student who thought a talk on how to seduce women (with the use of a blow-up doll, of course), would be the best way to win friends and influence… »11/09/15 5:25pm11/09/15 5:25pm


What If the Alabama Teabagging Incident Involved Women?

An Alabama football fan and his errant ballsack rose to notoriety this month when a video of the man using the sack to teabag a passed out LSU fan's neck made the internet rounds. With some sleuthing and elbow grease, the fan's identity was revealed, he turned himself in, and now he's got himself a sexual battery… »1/20/12 7:15pm1/20/12 7:15pm