Most Faithful Dog Ever Has Visited His Master’s Grave Every Night for…

You probably think your dog loves you because you spread flea and tick oil between its shoulder blades, make sure it doesn't get heartworms, take it for nice walks, and sometimes feed it table food. Your dog wags its tail and nuzzles your hand and you think, "Fucking awwwww — this dog thinks I am Athena." While that… » 9/14/12 11:15am 9/14/12 11:15am

Study: Men More Loyal To Hospitals, Women More Loyal To Hairdressers

Today in gender studies: the NY Times reports that men are more loyal to hospitals than individual doctors, meaning "female self-identity centers on close individual relationships, and male self-identity centers on less intimate group relationships." Also, ladies love hairdressers. [NYT] » 7/06/09 11:20am 7/06/09 11:20am

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