Conservatives Love Barbra, But The Feeling Isn't Mutual

Paul Smith, the official who justified cutting Head Start by saying we should strengthen marriage instead has a single exception to his rule that mothers shouldn't work outside the home. Asked recently by The Washington Post about the bizarre possibility that a woman might want to work, he paused and said, » 3/04/11 5:15pm 3/04/11 5:15pm

"Slumlord" Barack Calls Hill The Evil Pawn Of Wal-Mart!

Tonight's Democratic debate got OMG nasty. And surprise! No one went easy on the black guy. First, Hillary Clinton sort of unabashedly misrepresented Barack Obama's recent statement about Ronald Reagan to mean he had a boner for all Republicans. So in response, he dragged out Hillary Clinton's history as the First… » 1/21/08 10:25pm 1/21/08 10:25pm