Ultimate 'Nice Guy' Suspended from School for Giving Letter on Inner…

On Valentine's Day, a Toronto teen who attends a Catholic school distributed a letter about "inner beauty" to female classmates against the administration's wishes. Now, the student's been suspended and he wants his name cleared, claiming he was just trying to be a nice guy. Writing girls letters telling them how they… » 3/02/12 4:30pm 3/02/12 4:30pm

Dear Anne Hathaway: If You Don't Read Your Ex-Boyfriend's Indictment…

Your "friends" are probably telling you not to read the indictment. (You know what indictment! The one charging your Ponzi sheming ex, Raffaello Follieri. Look, only 18 pages. It's not a script) And let me tell you something, Anne, and this is beside the point, but those same fucking friends avoiding the topic,… » 6/24/08 1:30pm 6/24/08 1:30pm

Kissing, Monogamy & The Future Of Makin' Babies

Tomorrow is the first day of February, and the Valentine's Day crap has hit the fan! Scientific American is feeling the love — the magazine has a series of articles about kissing, orgasms and monogamy. There are sexy little stories in New Scientist and the Daily Mail, too. Ready to snuggle up to some cold, hard facts?
» 1/31/08 1:00pm 1/31/08 1:00pm