Watch The Trailer For Jennifer Love Hewitt's Prostitute TV Movie

Click for a preview of The Client List, the Lifetime movie Jennifer Love Hewitt calls, "Erin Brockovich in a brothel." Bonus: This promo pic in which Love ponders why she's starring in crappy TV movies, not Lost or Mean Girls. [N.Y.Post, Lifetime] » 6/24/10 10:20am 6/24/10 10:20am

Men Get More Emotional About Relationships Than Women

Popular stereotype would have us believe that young women are constantly obsessing over every up and down in their relationships — but one study says "romance drama" actually has a bigger effect on dudes. » 6/09/10 4:20pm 6/09/10 4:20pm

Modern Love: In Which A Little Boy Teaches Us About Mortality

Enough with the bad divorces, sensational splits and bloody brawls: let's start 2010 with a story in which adults behave with kindness and maturity and think of the kids. For a change: » 1/04/10 1:30pm 1/04/10 1:30pm

"Someone Adopt Me Please:" The Ballad Of Hurt & Courtney

Of this week's celebrity breakups, the saddest is the one between Courtney Love and her own daughter (now sealed with a restraining order). But what makes Courtney Love irresistible as a celebrity might make her intolerable as a mom. » 12/16/09 1:00pm 12/16/09 1:00pm

Wanna Screw? Hardware Store Employee's Crush Gets Her In Trouble

Cops arrested Katie Smith today: She sold a man a pressure washer worth several hundred dollars for $3.66. Smith incorrectly rang up $20,000 worth of merchandise for the guy over 4 months, hoping he'd be her boyfriend. [CBS] » 11/12/09 7:40pm 11/12/09 7:40pm

The Museum Of Broken Relationships Gives Romantic Residue A Home

My friend Jennifer once told me she was going to film a puppet show using all of her dumb ex-boyfriend's left-behind socks and underwear and send him the video. What do you do with the detrius of love lost? » 6/23/09 3:40pm 6/23/09 3:40pm

Catch & Release

"He told me that he could not live without me, and that he would not stop telling me how he felt. And then he disappeared." Hey, lady, welcome to my late 20s. [NY Times] » 5/01/09 12:40pm 5/01/09 12:40pm

Courtney Love: So Crazy She's Starting To Make Sense

Nigel Ferndale of UK newspaper Telegraph interviewed rocker, recovering addict and Givenchy muse Courtney Love, and his encounter is everything one could hope for, including Courtney chanting while clad in a black nightie, crying, and cursing up a storm, all of which prompts Ferndale to think to himself, "Thank… » 12/10/07 12:00pm 12/10/07 12:00pm

Hilary Duff is learning what it's like to, well, be a girl. In the new issue of Seventeen, the 19-year-old singer/actress says she felt 'disrespected' by ex-boyfriend Joel Madden's decision to start dating Nicole Richie so soon after their breakup. She also wasn't much impressed with his sudden interest clubbing. No… » 7/10/07 5:29pm 7/10/07 5:29pm