Why Is Dior Waiting So Long To Replace John Galliano?

On the night of Thursday, February 24th, John Galliano was arrested for allegedly launching into racist and anti-Semitic tirade against two strangers at a Paris bar. Within hours, two more alleged victims of Galliano's hate speech had come forward to police, and a notorious video of Galliano drunkenly slurring, "I… » 4/19/11 4:01pm 4/19/11 4:01pm

Marc Jacobs President Allegedly Forced Employee To Pole Dance

Robert Duffy, Marc Jacobs' business partner of more than 25 years, has been sued by a former executive at the company who says that Duffy created a hostile and discriminatory work environment by directing subordinates to join him in watching porn on company time and "produc[ing] and disseminat[ing] a book that… » 3/31/11 12:25pm 3/31/11 12:25pm

What Will Happen To Dior Now That Galliano Is Gone?

Reactions from the fashion industry to John Galliano's firing by Christian Dior are still rolling in. Which is hardly surprising, considering Galliano's prominence. Galliano oversaw the creative direction of a fashion house — and a global luxury brand — that last year realized revenues of over $28 billion. » 3/01/11 5:23pm 3/01/11 5:23pm