Paris Fashion Week: High-Fashion Hot Topic at Louis Vuitton

Nicholas Ghesquiére said he was inspired by technology for his latest collection at Louis Vuitton, but the clothes themselves took us not to the future but to the early days of the internet, when AOL was still sending out trash-filler CD-Roms and Hot Topic hawked metal lunchbox purses with Emily the Strange sneering… »10/07/15 4:50pm10/07/15 4:50pm


Goodbye Forever, 2000s: Louis Vuitton Cancels the Murakami Colorway

Perhaps you recall when Louis Vuitton released the Takashi Murakami Multicolore monogram collection in 2003, and fashion-minded women the world over freaked out? Yeah, well, Louis Vuitton is over that now, and will cease selling the colorway by the end of July. The oughties are officially deceased. »7/17/15 4:00pm7/17/15 4:00pm

Rich People Now Think Designer Logo Bags Are Declassé

Remember the early 2000s, when a designer logo handbag was the ultimate status symbol, to the point that not-rich people were either saving paychecks to cop them and/or trawling Canal Street for the best knockoffs? That era is over. These days, rich people think the logo bag is gauche, and would prefer to floss their… »6/16/15 4:50pm6/16/15 4:50pm

Rejoice: It's Nicolas Ghesquière's First Collection for Louis Vuitton

Last night in Paris, Nicolas Ghesquière showed his feverishly-anticipated first collection for Louis Vuitton. Ghesquière — the much-beloved, highly respected and often imitated designer who catapulted Balenciaga to renown before leavingthe label abruptly — is a legend; Louis Vuitton is a hugely influential empire. So… »3/05/14 6:00pm3/05/14 6:00pm

Nicolas Ghesquière Is Taking Over at Louis Vuitton

As basically everyone predicted, Marc Jacobs will be succeeded at Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière, who catapulted the fashion house Balenciaga into the realm of renown and acclaim during his 15-year tenure there — before departing suddenly and unexpectedly and sending the fashion world into paroxysms of grief… »11/04/13 2:00pm11/04/13 2:00pm

Louis Vuitton, for Dolls and Molls Who Thinks the '20s and '30s are the Cat's Pajamas

A dame like you, a skirt who loves the giggle juice, needs somethin' to wear to the speakeasy, to the clip joints, where you can ogle the swells gettin' flim-flammed. But maybe you're a hot tomato going nowhere, just throwing a swinging wingding in your own boudoir. Marc Jacobs has made sure Louis Vuitton's gotcha… »3/06/13 11:40am3/06/13 11:40am

Karl Lagerfeld's Gold-Splattered Olympic Collection Debuts Tonight

Tonight is the night: Karl Lagerfeld will personally unveil his Olympic-themed collection at Selfridges in London. Although the items celebrate the games, don't expect any sporty Spandex or ventilated mesh. A preview of the items reveals a motorcycle jacket flecked with gold, skinny jeans splattered with gold, and… »7/24/12 12:20pm7/24/12 12:20pm

Louis Vuitton Threatens To Sue Penn Law School Over Logo Parody

The University of Pennsylvania Law School became the focus of Louis Vuitton's lawyerly ire after a student group parodied the company's famous monogram print on poster art to advertise a symposium on trademark law. Instead of LVs and quatrefoils, those are little TMs and ©s. Clever right? And an obvious example of… »3/08/12 1:20pm3/08/12 1:20pm

Angelina Jolie Is Wearing A Lot Of Makeup In Her "Makeup-Free" Louis Vuitton Ads

We were dubious before about Louis Vuitton's luxury flacks and their claims that Angelina Jolie was shot "without makeup" for their ads, but now that we've studied the associated video carefully — by which we mean that we watched it, and that we have eyes — we are left in no doubt. No doubt whatsoever. They simply… »6/28/11 7:05pm6/28/11 7:05pm

Angelina Allegedly Paid $10 Million To Pose Makeup-Free

Angelina Jolie's Louis Vuitton ads have been released. The actress, shot by Annie Leibovitz, poses on a boat in Cambodia. Perhaps she is paddling towards another baby in need? Louis Vuitton's PR folks expect us to believe that Jolie was photographed "wearing her own clothes, no makeup and toting her own elegantly… »6/13/11 11:50am6/13/11 11:50am

Angelina To Receive $10 Million To Shill Handbags

Angelina Jolie is rumored to be the face of Louis Vuitton for fall. Her fee? "Close to $10 million." This is interesting because that piece of scuttlebutt from E! — a pretty reliable source for celebrity "news," all things considered — directly contradicts earlier scuttlebutt from The Fashion Spot — a pretty reliable… »4/22/11 12:15pm4/22/11 12:15pm