Man Gets Sent to Jail Because His Girlfriend Was Too Loud During Sex

An amorous man in a foreign land has been jailed over what a pitchfork-wielding* mob of a dozen neighbors call sex so loud that it's a public nuisance. The man claims he's being unfairly persecuted for being too good at sex. Guess which European country. Just guess. » 4/10/14 2:50pm 4/10/14 2:50pm

Couple Arrested For Having Loud Sex In The Street

Two drunk 18-year-old Austrians were having noisy sex in the middle of the road around 4:30 am yesterday, and a neighbor called police, thinking a crime was in progress. The teens were reprimanded, then arrested after they attacked the officers. » 8/20/10 12:20pm 8/20/10 12:20pm

Woman Facing Trial For Having Loud Sex

Caroline Cartwright was banned from having noisy sex when neighbors complained in 2009, but has already violated the British court's order several times. Now she's facing trial for having loud sex with her husband yet again in March. [SMH] » 6/29/10 9:40am 6/29/10 9:40am

Woman To Avoid Jail Over Noisy Sex

Caroline Cartwright, who was banned from having noisy sex after neighbors complained, was given a suspended prison sentence and 12-month supervision order by a British court. The judge warned that if she can't muzzle her moans, she'll be jailed. [BBC] » 1/22/10 10:20am 1/22/10 10:20am

Condom Contest Kicks Off In NYC • Americans Love Michelle Obama

• In attempts to "keep people excited about condoms," New York City has announced a contest to design the next official condom wrapper. Fancy yourself a Rembrandt? The winner's art will be displayed on hundreds of thousands of condoms. • » 12/15/09 5:40pm 12/15/09 5:40pm

British Court Rules Against Loud Sex

A judge has rejected Caroline Cartwright's claim that she had a right to make extremely loud sounds during sex, and she will stand trial. She is also banned from "making excessive noise anywhere in England" for four years. [BBC] » 11/10/09 1:30pm 11/10/09 1:30pm

Sex Sounds: How Loud Is Too Loud?

A UK couple were given a "noise abatement notice" for having sex so loudly that they disturbed not only neighbors but people passing on the street. But the woman argues that she deserves ''respect for her private and family life." » 11/09/09 5:40pm 11/09/09 5:40pm

A Wedding Gown For The Birds • New Moms Using HIV Drug To Stop Lactating

• If you're getting married and have a spare $1.5 million, why not walk down this aisle in this wedding dress made with peacock tail feathers? • » 4/27/09 5:40pm 4/27/09 5:40pm