U.S. Customs Agents Intercept a Bunch of Fake Louboutins, Will Now Try to Impress Their Friends

Since we can all assume that U.S. Customs agents keep all the things they confiscate as part of an ongoing, intra-agency scavenger hunt, the latest haul of 20,000 counterfeit Louboutins from China must have been quite the game-changer for someone. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Spokesman Jaime Ruiz said that four… »8/16/12 12:40pm8/16/12 12:40pm


Daniel Shak Decides He Doesn’t Want His Ex-Wife’s $1M Shoe Collection After All

After taking legal action to try and wrangle away at least part of his ex-wife's estimated $1 million designer shoe collection, hedge-fund manager Daniel Shak abruptly withdrew his lawsuit on Wednesday. Beth Shak, a pro poker player and not-so-secret admirer of Louboutins, testified that her husband had known and… »7/18/12 10:25pm7/18/12 10:25pm

Oprah Wears Louboutins To Interview Anti-Consumerist "Freegans"

On yesterday's Oprah, Lisa Ling investigated the world of "freegans," people who live alternative lifestyles in order to limit their use of resources and their participation in the economy. Oprah sat with Madeline, a woman who earns a six-figure salary, but hasn't bought clothing in three years, and does her grocery… »2/28/08 6:00pm2/28/08 6:00pm

Fatal Epidemic Breaks Out In UK: Paralysis-Yielding Jeans To Blame

Pity the Englishwoman with DFS: Debilitating Fashion Syndrome. Hitting England harder than the Bubonic plague — and with even more grotesque results! — DFS-afflicted women find themselves unable to eat, bend, walk, or sit, all because of their fashion choices. Case studies of these self-mutilating fashion fiends,… »6/04/07 4:30pm6/04/07 4:30pm