Philadelphia-Area Soccer Fans Displeased With New Team Jerseys

Their new jerseys advertise the fact that Philadelphia's Major League Soccer team is now sponsored by Mexican baking giant Bimbo. I predict that Philadelphia Union jerseys will be popular hategifts this Valentine's Day. Send it to someone dumb! » 1/23/11 11:55am 1/23/11 11:55am

"I Am Erotic And I Cognize It" Or, The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Read

Just what you've been waiting for! Instructions "to appear and experience red-hot and aroused today and day-after-day!" Reader, join us in a literary odyssey nonpareil. Otherwise known as..."Important tips for getting ready in sexy underwear." [Mildly NSFW] » 12/06/10 7:00pm 12/06/10 7:00pm

TRANSform Me: Television Tackles Gender Identity With Makeovers, Yay

VH1's upcoming TRANSform Me features three transwomen who do what TV execs apparently think all LGBTQ people do best — makeovers! » 3/05/10 5:00pm 3/05/10 5:00pm

About Those Best of the Decade Lists...

The Hollywood Reporter's list of top ten films of the decade includes none directed by a woman, points out Women and Hollywood. They're taking suggestions for the decade's best women-directed films. The Hurt Locker? Lost In Translation? [Women & Hollywood] » 12/04/09 6:20pm 12/04/09 6:20pm

Culture Clash: What If Calling Someone Fat Wasn't An Insult?

Daniel Krieger, an American teacher in Japan, is surprised when his female Japanese friends start commenting on his weight, saying things like, "You look fatter "Chotto futtota?" (Have you become a little fatter?), and "Did you gain your weight?" » 8/31/09 3:00pm 8/31/09 3:00pm

What's In A Name? Quite A Lot, Says Science

NPR reports that Shakespeare was wrong: a rose by any other name may not smell as sweet. As rose by the name of Bill, for example, might smell strong, or maybe thorny. » 4/06/09 3:30pm 4/06/09 3:30pm

"Quarterlife" Vs. The "Return Of Saturn": Which Existential Crisis Is…

I will never forget the first time I noticed the term "Quarterlife crisis." I was about to turn 25 and I had just left a big-time newspaper job in Los Angeles to try magazine writing (and phone sex!) in Philadelphia. I was in the throes of a really really wise platonic-romantic entanglement with someone twenty years… » 3/25/08 12:00pm 3/25/08 12:00pm

Scarlett Johansson Is Finally Putting Out That Indie Rock Album

Scarlett Johansson is really actually putting out that album of Tom Waits covers. You don't have to know us to know how we feel would usually feel about this: stabbilicous. That lady has less singing talent than that reaaaaaally spacey (and "spacey" = euphemism) Texan girl from the American Idol auditions who told… » 1/24/08 4:40pm 1/24/08 4:40pm

What Did Bill Murray Whisper To Scarlett Johansson At The End Of Lost…

Geeks somewhere used nanotechnology or something like that to uncover the ancient mystery of what exactly Bill Murray whispered to Scarlett Johansson in the final scene of Lost In Translation. I'm going to tell you what it was, but I'm putting it after the jump bc I'm a whore that way, though in advance of that I'd… » 12/13/07 12:00pm 12/13/07 12:00pm