Here's a List of Items Found at a S.F. Music Festival

Last weekend's Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco was so fucking fun that apparently the entire city — and quite a few tourists — left something behind. From SF Appeal, unclaimed items include several smartphones, numerous wallets, keys, cameras, credit cards, driver’s licenses, three German passports, two… »8/13/13 10:30pm8/13/13 10:30pm

The LIRR Lost and Found Is a Magical Closet of Eclectic Treasure

The cumbersome phrase "Long Island Rail Road lost and found" might conjure up images ripe for a Pixar animated short — a dank little broom closet filled with half-empty plastic bins that contain things like one-eyed rag dolls flashing saccharine needlepoint smiles, winning scratch tickets and wedding rings. Its door… »9/12/12 10:25pm9/12/12 10:25pm

Woman’s Lost Engagement Ring Returned by the All-Knowing Craigslist

Craigslist isn't just for anonymous sex with strangers you locked eyes with earlier at grocery store olive bar or or unloading your flea-infested mattress on some unsuspecting rube who just can't believe his good fortune at finding a mattress at under $100 — it's also for doing good deeds, like returning lost… »6/10/12 12:00pm6/10/12 12:00pm

Woman Finds Long-Lost Wedding Ring On Growing Carrot

If you've lost some precious jewelry, you should definitely search between the sofa cushions, behind your dresser, and in any vegetables growing in your back yard. Lena Paahlsson of Sweden lost her wedding ring in 1995 when she took it off in the kitchen, and recently she found it in her garden with a carrot growing… »1/04/12 8:49pm1/04/12 8:49pm

Woman Gets Her Engagement Ring Back 36 Years After It Fell Into A Toilet

It's not often you hear a romantic story that involves a toilet, but here goes! A couple in Montana, Donna and Terry Claver, recently got the surprise of a lifetime when their engagement ring came back to them — almost by magic — 36 years after it went missing and was presumed dead. The drama began when Donna took… »12/30/11 4:30pm12/30/11 4:30pm