Technical Virgins: Do Oral And Anal Count As "Real" Sex?

You probably gave a blow job or got eaten out before you ever had vaginal intercourse (assuming you're straight, natch). So if you did everything except letting the boy put his Linus in your Snoopy, did you consider yourself a virgin? A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that 70% of kids age 12… » 11/02/07 6:30pm 11/02/07 6:30pm

It's A Jellyfish. It's A Breast Implant. It's A Diet Pill

Forget Lipodissolve and stomach-bypass surgery. The next trend in weight loss could be a diet pill that looks a lot like a saline breast implant! Italian scientists are currently working on a orally-administered pill that, when ingested, plumps up to a gelatinous sphere the size of a tennis ball, reports Wired. The… » 6/08/07 10:48am 6/08/07 10:48am