Going Clear's Alex Gibney Says Scientology Shouldn't Be Tax-Exempt 

Filmmaker Alex Gibney wrote an op-ed published in today’s LA Times. Gibney, the director of the recently-aired HBO documentary Going Clear, outlines a pattern of harassment by the Church of Scientology that targets both him and and the writer Lawrence Wright (Gibney’s documentary was based on Wright’s book). He also… »4/11/15 4:40pm4/11/15 4:40pm


A Bunch of White Dudes Decide Who Wins at the Oscars

It's probably obvious to anyone who's ever watched the Oscars and constantly exclaimed, "What the f*&k?!" when the most boring, mediocre piece of crap cleans up in every category, but now a new study has confirmed that the people who decide the winners of the coveted movie industry awards are strikingly Caucasian and… »2/19/12 11:00pm2/19/12 11:00pm

The Future Of Female Comedies May Sit Squarely On Tina Fey's Shoulders

Despite the "Tina Feytigue" experienced by some media mavens sick of the writer/actress/producer's PhotoShopped face coming at them from the cover of every magazine, I am still deeply psyched for Baby Mama, the Fey/Amy Poehler vehicle coming out on Friday. The Los Angeles Times points out that Universal, the studio… »4/21/08 5:40pm4/21/08 5:40pm

Fashion Blogger Announces That "It" Bags Are (Finally) Dead

On November 1 of last year New York Times fashion writer Eric Wilson put forth the bold headline: "Is This It for the It Bag?". Today, Los Angeles Times fashion blogger Monica Corcoran responds with the following: "The It Bag Is Dead. Designers Mourn." Well there you have it! Wrote Wilson back in November: "There is… »1/17/08 3:20pm1/17/08 3:20pm