Judge: V. Stiviano Has to Return $2.6 Million to Donald Sterling's Wife

Donald Sterling’s ex-mistress V. Stiviano must return $2.6 million to Mrs. Shelly Sterling because the racist sugar daddy’s gifts were partly from Shelly’s coins too. This means Stiviano probably has to give back that fabulously giant visor and maybe her roller skates too. RIP.

» 4/15/15 11:10am 4/15/15 11:10am

NBA Owner Sterling To Girlfriend: Why Bring Black People To My Games?

We all knew that Donald Sterling was a racist and an overall horrible human being. So TMZ's lurid audio of the Los Angeles Clippers owner enraged about his girlfriend taking photos with black people shouldn't really surprise you if you've been paying any attention. And yet, the audio is shocking—maybe because it's… » 4/26/14 4:23pm 4/26/14 4:23pm