Steve Carrell Has Three Weeks to Live and He's Gonna Spend Them With Keira Knightley

That's the premise of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, an apocalyptic romcom crashing into theaters this summer. The title seems to be based on a song by Chris Cornell, and the plot unfolds thusly: An asteroid named Mathilda is heading towards Earth, and people are trying to figure out what the fuck to do… »2/10/12 10:45am2/10/12 10:45am

Drama Addict Ashton Kutcher Shows Off Rumored New Girlfriend

No one knows what goes down behind the closed doors of a soon-to-be broken home, so when someone rebounds in record time I figure it's their business. But to go on a romantic holiday with said rebound and Tweet photos of yourselves enjoying the sights of Italy barely a month after the divorce announcement, well,… »12/29/11 9:00am12/29/11 9:00am