Susan Faludi: Hillary Is Hated Not Because She's a Woman, But Because She's A Mother

Manhattan broadsheet the New York Observer scored quite the coup this week, signing up author Susan Faludi to take on the controversial new anthology about Hillary Clinton Thirty Ways of Looking at Hillary: Reflections By Women Writers. Derided by other critics as narcissistic (among other things), the book is not one… »1/30/08 2:30pm1/30/08 2:30pm

'Kid Nation' Might Be More Terrifying Than 'Lord Of The Flies'

You know how reality TV in general is condescending and exploitative, to its audiences and participants both? Well CBS' new reality show Kid Nation — think Lord of the Flies without Simon plotting to kill and without Piggy tumbling to his death — is all these things but worse. Because, naturally, it involves children.… »9/20/07 2:00pm9/20/07 2:00pm