Marcel the Shell Creator Jenny Slate Is Working on a Top-Secret Looney Tunes Movie

Many of the Looney Tunes may be just a touch too violent and racist for any more big screen forays in the 21st century, but Warner Bros. really, really wants to make a profitable Looney Tunes movie after Looney Tunes: Back in Action floundered under the weight of Brendan Fraser's decaying career. To the end, the… »9/20/12 10:25pm9/20/12 10:25pm


Kristen Wiig Sings A Stalker's Anthem In New Looney Tunes Revamp

Think you're just a little too old for cartoons? You might just change your mind when you find out who is voicing the newly made-over Looney Tunes Show. In the clip above, seen on Vulture, Kristen Wiig plays love-obsessed Lola Bunny, and in this "Merry Melody" she even sings. Add a few more familiar voices into the… »7/11/11 6:45pm7/11/11 6:45pm