​Everything Everyone Did Wrong on the God-Awful Finale of Looking

Let me be clear: There were a lot of things I felt during this episode. I felt angry at Kevin, I felt angry at Patrick, I felt sad for Patrick and then I felt angry again. I felt these things because human relationships are complex and ever-changing and because watching someone in pain (even someone I don't like) puts… »3/23/15 10:25pm3/23/15 10:25pm

Everything Everyone Did Wrong On the Penultimate Episode of Looking

Good morning, fellow mourners. It is my sad duty to remind you that there's only one episode of Looking left, and with only 27 minutes to go before the show ends (if there's no season 3), it doesn't seem like there's going to enough time to give every awful person on this show their just desserts. Whatever shall we do? »3/16/15 4:10pm3/16/15 4:10pm

Everything Everyone Did Wrong (and Right) on This Episode of Looking 

Hello, friends! We are down to the last three episodes of Looking and if internet rumors are true, we may not get a third season. That means there are only two more episodes (after this one) for Agustin to get his happy ending and Patrick to die in a freak accident involving cutlery and a steep cliff. That was a Bjork… »3/10/15 12:20pm3/10/15 12:20pm

Almost No One Did Anything Wrong on Looking This Week (Except Patrick)

As a consummate hater of every character on this show (except Richie, Ceci and Eddie) but a huge fan of the show itself, I am both delight and chagrined to report that almost everyone did everything right this week, giving me no reason to hate on anyone but Patrick, who managed to both sneak by with a few pastries… »3/03/15 11:45am3/03/15 11:45am

Everything Everyone Did Wrong On the Last Two Episodes of Looking

Looking is back and I totally missed it last week because I was busy scarfing carbs and not giving myself an enema. But no carbs in the world could keep me away from bingeing on the most recent episodes. So here's how everyone fucked up now—except for Eddie—who wore the best muumuu in the world. Also Ceci: CECI GIVES… »2/17/15 3:00pm2/17/15 3:00pm

Everything Everyone Did Wrong on This Week's Looking

Last week: Richie made an appearance, Patrick was a dumbass and Agustin, as always, was a huge fucking asshole of the worst order. This week: Pretty much more of the same, except more enemas and less Richie. But more Eddie and rimming, so... win? (Also: is every HBO show now contractually bound to feature heterosexual… »1/26/15 5:30pm1/26/15 5:30pm

Everything Everyone Did Wrong on Last Night's Looking

In an episode of Looking where everyone was awful (first place: Patrick, honorable mention: Agustin), only one thing stood out like a shiny beacon of light in a dusty sex dungeon: The return of Richie. Unfortunately, his presence was short-lived and suddenly we were plunged back into the darkness of the mess that is… »1/19/15 6:00pm1/19/15 6:00pm

Here's Everything Everyone Did Wrong on Last Night's Looking

Looking, the most important TV show featuring Jon Groff's butt, has returned to our viewing screens, and while the first episode had very little butt (boo!), it had a lot of people making lots of mistakes. And Daniel Franzese. It also had Daniel Franzese, which means that this season is going to be awesome. »1/12/15 2:15pm1/12/15 2:15pm

Glenn Beck's Website Tainted by Ads Showing Gay Men Kissing

Glenn Beck's "news" conglomerate The Blaze might not have a firm stance on gay marriage, as it's a company that is "not interested in left and right" but looks to find the "answers to right and wrong." That being said, placing a video ad for HBO's forthcoming show Looking about the lives of gay men in San Francisco on… »12/30/13 12:10pm12/30/13 12:10pm

Here's Your First Look at HBO's Looking, aka the Gay Girls

The new HBO show Looking, which has been filming all over San Francisco's Mission district for a while, just released a teaser — exciting! I love TV! I will say that cast looks pretty much exactly like everyone I know in San Francisco, just with a lot fewer people of color. It's cool to see more diversity with… »11/15/13 9:30am11/15/13 9:30am