Police Ask for Help Identifying L.I. Serial Killer Victim

Officials have been busy publicly disagreeing over just how serial killer-riddled Long Island is, but it seems any speculation may be premature. Several of the 10 victims recovered on South Shore beaches still haven't been identified, and now police are asking for the public's help. They've released a sketch of a… » 1/08/12 9:39pm 1/08/12 9:39pm

Police Disagree On Number Of L.I. Serial Killers

Authorities have confirmed that the remains found last week on Long Island's South Shore are those of 24-year-old New Jersey woman Shannan Gilbert. Though this is a major breakthrough in the case, officials are now openly clashing over what they believe happened to the 10 people whose bodies were found during the… » 12/19/11 10:10am 12/19/11 10:10am

Serial Killer Investigation Turns Up Possible Remains Of Missing Woman

Nineteen months after Shannan Gilbert disappeared, and exactly one year after the investigation into her case led to the discovery of the first of 10 bodies on Long Island, police say they've found her remains. This morning a body was located in a marsh near where Gilbert's belongings were found earlier this week, and… » 12/13/11 11:50pm 12/13/11 11:50pm

Police Find Belongings Of Woman Who Sparked L.I. Serial Killer…

Earlier this week Long Island police were vague about what exactly they found during their continuing search of a marshy area near where Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old sex worker from New Jersey, was last spotted a year ago. Yesterday, detectives announced that they've recovered Gilbert's jeans, shoes, cell phone, and… » 12/08/11 11:45am 12/08/11 11:45am

Police Uncover New Evidence In Long Island Serial Killer Case

Yesterday police found several items related to their investigation into the deaths of 10 people whose remains turned up on Long Island beaches. Previously, police said the murders were committed by multiple killers, but recently they announced they're now hunting for one serial killer. Police say they decided to… » 12/07/11 1:00pm 12/07/11 1:00pm

Police Release New Details On NY Serial Killings

In December, the bodies of four women were found near a stretch of highway on Long Island while police were looking for Shannan Gilbert, a missing New Jersey woman who worked as a prostitute. In the next few months, the remains of six more people turned up a few miles away. Yesterday police revealed that they still… » 9/21/11 10:15am 9/21/11 10:15am

Two Cops May Be Suspects In Long Island Serial Killings

Naturally, the New York Post has been a fount of ambigulously-sourced knowledge since the news broke that there are at least two active serial killers on Long Island. Previously, it was reported that the killers may be familiar with police techniques (or watch a lot of CSI), and now "sources familiar with the probe"… » 5/15/11 10:33pm 5/15/11 10:33pm

More Remains Found On Long Island, Serial Killer's Body Count May…

On Monday, just hours after extending the search for a possible serial killer's victims from Suffolk to Nassau County, police found a skull and a bag that contained "upper and lower extremities." The remains were found two or three miles apart, and authorities haven't determined if they come from more than one person. » 4/12/11 12:19am 4/12/11 12:19am

Long Island Serial Killer Suspected Of Killing 8 Women

Today police found three more bodies in the dense brush of a Long Island beach, bringing the body count up to eight. The finding supports the suspicion that the murders are the work of a serial killer, and could make this the most prolific case in the New York area since Joel Rifkin was caught in 1993, according to » 4/04/11 10:44pm 4/04/11 10:44pm