Woman Sent Online Stranger $1.4M, Is Desperately Hoping He's Real

A woman who sent an online stranger more than a million dollars without ever having met him is desperately trying to keep her positive thinking intact. Even though her boyfriend's voice has differed and he keeps asking for money despite the fact that he has no plans to meet her, she is hoping against hope that he's a… »2/27/15 2:30pm2/27/15 2:30pm


Psychic’s Trial Offers Testimony of Being Lonely in New York

Unless you’re an Immortal from the Highlander franchise, being alone can be pretty tough at times, and nowhere is one’s loneliness more acute than in a city teeming with busy, socializing people, a city like the mythical island of Manhattan. People cope with the isolation and loneliness of living in Manhattan in all… »10/05/13 12:30pm10/05/13 12:30pm

Social Isolation Might Be a Factor in Your Untimely Death

It was chanteuse Britney Spears who once sang, "My loneliness is killing me" — and, as is so often the case with warrior poets, her words held a certain truth. A new study out of the UK suggests that isolation and loneliness might be as important to cause of death as other common contributors like smoking and that… »3/26/13 11:20am3/26/13 11:20am