Beauty Company Apologizes For Apparent London Riots Tie-In

I automatically deleted an email this morning from a salon mini-chain, Shobha, from whose email list I've been too lazy to unsubscribe. But the word "apology" in the subject line of a follow-up email caught my eye. Apparently, others read more carefully and found in the previous subject line, "keep calm & carry on a… »8/10/11 5:30pm8/10/11 5:30pm


Terry Richardson Shoots Georgia May Jagger Fighting Hordes Of British Youths

Who says the fashion industry isn't responsive to the social issues of the day? As the U.K. suffers with widespread civil unrest and looting following the police shooting of a father of four, Harper's Bazaar's September issue includes a Terry Richardson editorial where Georgia May Jagger, styled to look like someone's… »8/10/11 1:15pm8/10/11 1:15pm