More Models Should Skateboard Down the Runway Like This Ashish Show

Some fashion shows, you get the feeling that the poor models are having the worst time of their lives—and worse, that looking that way was an artistic direction from the designer. Not so at Ashish, my favorite designer ever, who today showed his signature sequin-candy creations at London Fashion Week with some… »9/22/15 5:37pm9/22/15 5:37pm

Dame Vivienne Westwood Held a For-Real Protest at London Fashion Week

It was just a year ago that Karl Lagerfeld sent models down the Chanel runway in a “feminist protest,” carrying picket signs with dumb slogans like “Be Your Own Stylist” that meant virtually nada other than co-optation for a trend. And it was just Sunday that Dame Vivienne Westwood, who has spent a good amount of the… »9/21/15 9:30am9/21/15 9:30am

Hell Yeah London Fashion Week Rules! Look at this Shit! 

Nooooow we’re talking. Every fashion month, London Fashion Week is like the fun prize we get for sitting through New York Fashion Week (or, alternately, like the party you’re allowed to go to after you’re finally excused from dinner with your parents). Of course there’s greatness and lovely ideas at NYFW—for Spring,… »9/18/15 5:50pm9/18/15 5:50pm

Space Aliens Transmit Signals from London Fashion Week

Fashion month marches on with the infinitely more exciting London Fashion Week, and the initial dispatches are a full-blown thrill. These two looks in particular portend a far more interesting Fall 2015 than the droll one offered by many at New York Fashion week: bright, spacey, futuristic vibes that spark the… »2/23/15 11:02pm2/23/15 11:02pm

Vivienne Westwood Backs Scottish Independence at London Fashion Week

Now that New York Fashion Week has ended, London Fashion Week is in full swing. Over the weekend, Vivienne Westwood showed a collection that looks like the wardrobe of a school play about pirates that's been half-foraged from a lost and found. But it has a political message: by affixing "YES" pins to several of the… »9/15/14 6:40pm9/15/14 6:40pm

Ridiculous Shoes Cause a Model Spill at the Ekaterina Kukhareva Show

Don't know much about Ekaterina Kukhareva, a Ukrainian-born designer based in London. Here's what I do know: She does knitwear, she went to Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design, and she put the models in today's London Fashion Week show in precarious shoes, causing at least one downfall. Check out rich… »2/19/13 3:20pm2/19/13 3:20pm

Tom Ford, for the Glamorous, Criminally Insane Supervillain in You

London Fashion Week continues! Yesterday, Tom Ford showed a fall 2013 collection that seemed to channel comic book and Disney villains. Sequins in POW blasts, all-black glam cat burglar ensembles, lurid head-to-toe uniforms perfect for taunting crimefighters, black and white fur coats Cruella de Vil would kill for. … »2/19/13 11:00am2/19/13 11:00am

Burberry Prorsum, for Undercover City Kitties On the Prowl

Although the palette was limited — mostly oxblood, red, black, white and camel — there were quite a few prints on the runway at the fall/winter Burberry Prorsum show today in London. Animal prints, heart prints, grommets lined up just so. And textures! From croc and patent to fur and felted wool. The strongest pieces… »2/18/13 6:00pm2/18/13 6:00pm

Vivienne Westwood, for the Kookiest Power Bitch in the Boardroom

New York Fashion Week is over, which means London Fashion Week is in full swing. Yesterday things got a tiny bit theatrical at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label show. While the styling — especially the makeup — was over the top, Dame Westwood delivered wearable pieces: Cozy coats, slinky dresses, menswear-inspired… »2/18/13 10:40am2/18/13 10:40am