Lush in Hot Water After Releasing Incense 'Inspired' By 2011 London Riots

Lush Cosmetics, known for their organic products that are not tested on animals—particularly their bath bombs—is getting some unwanted attention from some London residents, who are offended by an incense they’ve created called Lavender Hill Mob, which was “inspired” by the aftermath of the 2011 London Riots. »8/26/15 12:10pm8/26/15 12:10pm


Not Even U.K. Looters Will Touch American Apparel Clothes

There are probably any number of reasons why this Manchester American Apparel store had its windows smashed during the civil unrest that has been roiling in the U.K. but none of the rioters appear to have stolen any clothes. Maybe the police showed up just in the nick of time. Maybe everyone had just finished looting… »8/11/11 3:35pm8/11/11 3:35pm

Beauty Company Apologizes For Apparent London Riots Tie-In

I automatically deleted an email this morning from a salon mini-chain, Shobha, from whose email list I've been too lazy to unsubscribe. But the word "apology" in the subject line of a follow-up email caught my eye. Apparently, others read more carefully and found in the previous subject line, "keep calm & carry on a… »8/10/11 5:30pm8/10/11 5:30pm