Relentless Holiday Consumerism Slowly Turns People into Mannequins

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 28: A man shouts through a mega phone to entice people into a store on Regent Street on December 28, 2013 in London, England. Shoppers across the country are re-emerging to take advantage of the post Christmas sales which had been hit by the recent bad weather, with many shoppers turning to… » 12/28/13 3:00pm 12/28/13 3:00pm

Noodle Shop's 'Hangover Taxi' Service Is Best Idea In Human History

A London noodle shop has introduced a service it's calling a "hangover taxi" that is everything it sounds like and more. Hurting revelers are picked up from their house and taken to work in a car with a hot bowl of noodles, orange juice, sunglasses, breath mints, and hangover meds. In other news, I am moving to… » 12/17/13 12:50pm 12/17/13 12:50pm

Massive 15 Tonne, Bus-Sized 'Fatberg' Found Lurking in London Sewers

The human capacity for creating unholy, squalid monstrosities is truly stupendous. And, everyone, I am not exaggerating when I say that we have a species have finally outdone ourselves: over in London, a group of humans has unwittingly created a private vacation island for the Rat King. It's absolutely revolting. I… » 8/06/13 3:10pm 8/06/13 3:10pm

Jackass Sues Gym Over Their 442 Women-Only Hours Per Year

From the same paper that brought us Samantha Brick, meet an even bigger intentionally-controversial shitnugget. His name's Peter Lloyd, he's a London-based men's issues journalist, and he's suing his gym, the Kentish Town Sports Centre, for gender bias. Specifically, for hosting women's-only gym time for 442 hours out…
» 4/20/13 6:00pm 4/20/13 6:00pm

World Pillow Day Is Fun for Everyone but Street Cleaners

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 06: Revellers take part in a giant pillow fight in Trafalgar Square on 'International Pillow Fight Day' on April 6, 2013 in London, England. Mass public pillow fights have been arranged in numerous cities around the world as part of the 'Urban Playground Movement' which facilitate free, public… » 4/07/13 2:30pm 4/07/13 2:30pm

Here's That Half-Naked Prince Harry Mural You Probably Asked For

London's Manbar is popping off with regulars and tourists alike — all looking to catch a glimpse of a shirtless Prince Harry. Un/fortunately, it's not the flesh-and-blood ginger nobleman, but instead a portrait in giant mural form. It's really great and everyone loves it. Well, except probably not the Queen, but who… » 11/26/12 10:25am 11/26/12 10:25am

Jay Z, Rihanna and Coldplay Close Out the Paralympic Ceremony with…

I don't know if you happened to catch the Paralympic Closing Ceremony last night, but, if you did, you probably noticed that — all due respect to the Spice Girls — it blew the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony straight out of the water. The speeches were inspiring, the visuals were mesmerizing and the musical… » 9/10/12 3:20pm 9/10/12 3:20pm

Meet the 17-Year-Old Who's Taking Home Olympic Gold for Women's Boxing

Claressa Shields is a 17-year-old from Flint, Michigan who made history yesterday when she defeated Russia's Nadezda Torlopova in the Women's Middle (75kg) Final Bout and became one of the first women to ever win an Olympic gold medal in boxing (women could not qualify to compete until this year). Shields was on Today » 8/10/12 2:30pm 8/10/12 2:30pm