Vogue Offers Exercise Tips for Women Too Weak to Wear Heavy Ball Gowns

Are you one of the tens of women who has scored an invite to this year's ultra-exclusive Met Gala on May 5th? Are you also concerned that when you attend the event so snooty that last year, Anna Wintour barred all of the Real Housewives and Kris Jenner, you'll be so draped in heavy finery that your frail frame will… » 4/21/14 7:20pm 4/21/14 7:20pm

LOLVogue: I Can Haz Locayshun Shewt? (Plus Contest!)

Even though the November issue of Vogue » 10/27/08 4:00pm 10/27/08 4:00pm has a lovely fashion spread featuring , it was too busy to LOL. On the other hand, the "Chill Factor" spread, inspired by global warming and vacations (no, really) was almost too to LOL: How many times can we see an expressionless moddle on a beige background, jumping? Even…

October's LOLVogue Contest: We Have A Winner

A few weeks ago, the billy-goat inspired LOLVogue » 10/22/08 3:40pm 10/22/08 3:40pm came with a contest. There was one image for which we had no caption. We asked; you answered. After the jump, the finalists… And the winner. : HA HA UR DANGLIN IN UR DYPR AN EVRYON CAN SEE UR FURRY PARTZ!!! : Fall Fashun: Ur Doin it Rong : Bridge to Nowherz... we…

LOLVogue: Teh Billee Goatz Gruff (And Contest!)

Someone was smoking some really strong shit when they came up with the Burning-Man-esque "Natural High" photo shoot in the October issue of Vogue » 9/30/08 2:00pm 9/30/08 2:00pm. Three lithe, billy goat-ish moddles are on a rocky landscape, under a blazing sun, wearing huge shaggy , and the magazine calls it "beastly beauty." Add "hooflike heels"…

This Week We Talked About Booties, Olympian And Otherwise

LOLVogue: Sumwon Elss Kleanz Up (Plus Contest!)

The September issue of Vogue » 8/14/08 3:40pm 8/14/08 3:40pm has a "2-For-1 Special" photo spread, shot in a supermarket by Steven Meisel and starring Amber Valetta and Kirsty Hume. The story is supposedly about dual-toned sheaths, but just like everything else this fall, it's about ! The retro housewife aesthetic. (Remember when Betty slapped the…

This Week We Were Not Afraid To Be Servicey

French LOLVogue: I Can Has My Close-Up?

As previously reported, forty-seven year old actress Julianne Moore is on the cover of Vogue Paris, looking positively catty. Apropos, then, that some of the images inside seemed perfect for the LOLcat treatment. A blank-eyed moddle stars in the "Sunset Boulevard" shoot by Terry Richardson and Carine Roitfeld, after… » 5/12/08 3:00pm 5/12/08 3:00pm