Wait a Second. Why Is the New IHOP Logo Crying?

On Monday, IHOP (formerly known as The International House of Pancakes) unveiled, writes Adweek, “a new logo for the emoticon era.” The only significant change in its updated design was the addition of a mouth under the “op.” That newly created smiley face—according to Kirk Thompson, IHOP’s VP of Marketing—represents… »6/02/15 6:30pm6/02/15 6:30pm


The Rio 2016 Logo Will Make You Want to Hold Hands and Sing with the Whole World

If you dislike the idea of the Olympics being represented by logo that looks like a puzzle some mischievous housecat has broken into pieces, then you probably didn't like the London 2012 logo. The great thing about the Olympics, however, is that every four years, new graphic design teams and ad agencies have the… »8/14/12 10:25pm8/14/12 10:25pm

Design Experts Weigh In on the 'Trite, Predictable' 2012 Campaign Logos

As the Republicans decide who will represent their party in the upcoming election and President Obama campaigns for a second term, the public is hearing a lot of speeches and political sound bites. But what about the campaign logos emblazoned on podiums, social media pages, and Web sites? What do the candidates'… »2/07/12 7:15pm2/07/12 7:15pm