Now Women Are Catching Just as Many Delicious Lobsters as Men

Earlier today, NPR profiled self-described Maine lobsterman Genevieve Kurilec, who, as owner of her own lobster boat, is at the vanguard of a female incursion into the traditionally macho world of crustacean-gathering. Though Kurilec is now master and commander of the small lobster boat Hello Darling, she had to earn… » 8/19/12 5:30pm 8/19/12 5:30pm

Crazy Orange Camo Lobster Caught Off the Coast of Maine

Finally! My Google alert for "lobster news" pays off! A rare "calico lobster" was apprehended by fishermen and is now in residence at the New England Aquarium. » 5/10/12 6:00pm 5/10/12 6:00pm

Nothing makes our hearts happier than when we see headlines like this: "LOBSTERS ON THE RUN: Seafood Escapes from German Supermarket." Especially when it goes on to use phrases like "took fate into their own claws." So yes, just so you know: Some lobsters managed to break out and run away from an Asian grocery store… » 10/23/07 7:45pm 10/23/07 7:45pm