PA Republican Is Sleeping With Airline Lobbyist, Blames 'Liberal Media'

Congressman Bill Shuster, a Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the House Committee on Transportation, admitted to Politico Thursday that he has a “private and personal relationship” with a woman who works as a lobbyist for the airline industry. His staff is working on a bill that would reform the Federal Aviation… »4/17/15 10:50am4/17/15 10:50am


Liberals, Palin Would Like The Senate To Take Out the Trash

  • Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided that the entire Democratic caucus will vote next week whether Independent Senator Joe Lieberman will keep his seat as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee after having back John McCain and gone negative against Obama. [TPM Election Central]
  • How negative did…
  • »11/11/08 6:30pm11/11/08 6:30pm

Toby Keith Knows About Black People, And We Know About Toby Keith

Now, we know virtually no one listens to Glenn Beck's radio show (or, at the very least, that there's likely little overlap between his audience and ours). So you probably missed Toby Keith's groundbreaking appearance when he broke down the racial issues of the Presidential campaign for the intellectual betterment of… »8/05/08 10:00am8/05/08 10:00am

Did Cindy McCain Grow Her Hair So John Could Tell Her Apart From His Lobbyist Stalker Mistress?

Can you tell the difference between these two ladies? Can John McCain? See, one is John McCain's patriotic wife, and one is some telecom lobbyist who liked to show up at his events and tell her bosses that John McCain was doing her all sorts of favors. So did he go down on her? Can you do that with dentures? Did… »2/21/08 10:00am2/21/08 10:00am

A lobbyist friend writes me: "So I'm in a southern GOP office (where pretty women, skirts, heel

A lobbyist friend writes me: "So I'm in a southern GOP office (where pretty women, skirts, heels, etc. are still the norm) with a few of my clients. Now, most of the guys I represent are salt of the earth, hard working folk. However, on this particular day, "Earl" decides he's gonna venture off-script, talk shit about… »10/26/07 5:15pm10/26/07 5:15pm