​Gifts That'll Make Your Significant Other Less Annoying

The holidays are here, bringing the promise of good cheer, the scent of fresh-baked cookies, and the steadily increasing stress over choosing the proper gift for your significant other. Then there are the stretches of quality time together, often in high-pressure environments like crowded airports, when mildly… » 12/04/14 5:30pm 12/04/14 5:30pm

The Network of L.L. Bean Fall Home Catalogue Colors

Yesterday, a reader made us a chart to show the frequency of colors in the L.L. Bean home fall 2014 catalogue. Today Brian Keegan brings us the network version. » 8/07/14 12:38pm 8/07/14 12:38pm

L.L. Bean Recreates the Magic of Old Catalogs with the Magic of…

Catalog nerds like me and Dodai will be excited to learn that L.L. Bean is marking its 100th anniversary by recreating four of its iconic old illustrated catalog covers with modern photography. And the judicious application of Photoshop filters. There's a video that shows how it was done for the first new/old cover.… » 2/02/12 4:40pm 2/02/12 4:40pm

Shelter Wisely Names Dog L.L. Bean, Thus Guaranteeing Adoption

After a year at the Dunn County Humane Society, a dog named L.L. Bean is being adopted by an employee of the company that supplies Americans with sensible outdoorsy fashions. Recently a Wisconsin TV station ran a story about the three-year-old, 80-pound coonhound and it wound up being circulated within the company.… » 12/19/11 9:30am 12/19/11 9:30am

Worth It: Baby, It's Cold Outside And Cashmere Is Your Friend

Much unlike many a magazine editor who recommends you buy all sorts of crap that they most likely got for free, your Jezebel staff doesn't get jack shit (other than books, unsolicited). And that's how it should be. But on our own time, in our personal lives, we still buy stuff. So this is Worth It, our daily… » 11/04/11 5:30pm 11/04/11 5:30pm

How The Hell Do You Protect Your Feet From The Snowpocalypse?

When rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow, snow and more snow are in the forecast, the question you most often ask yourself is, "What shoes are best in this mess?" Rarely will you win this game. » 2/01/11 5:21pm 2/01/11 5:21pm

UPDATED: Gap To Give Away 10,000 Pairs Of Jeans On Facebook

LL Bean Signature: A (Kind Of) Youthful Spin On Woodsy & Preppy

LL Bean has long been known for doing classic New England prep. But in a market alongside "classic American" brands like Banana Republic, J. Crew and American Eagle, Bean can seem old and staid. Hence the "signature" collection! » 10/28/10 6:48pm 10/28/10 6:48pm

Orlando Bloom And Charlize Theron Shill For Cheap Cashmere Blends

Paulina Hates Your Boob Job; Oprah Buys Stock In J. Crew

Vogue India Gets Non-Whitewashed Cover; Carolina Herrera In Tiff With…

Megan Coming To A Billboard Near You; Betsey Wants To Be On TV

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Karl Relaxes His "Fatty" Fatwa, Chills On His Stoop With Style Critic

Oh, God: Pixie Geldof Gets Cover Of Italian Vogue


Have you seen this L.L. Bean commercial? The "white Christmas" one in which numbers appear next to items in a happy house, and everything is reasonably priced? And the kids go outside and make snow angels? Turns out that the ad was shot on a 95 degree day in Pasadena. Way beyond Photoshop, it's just full-on fake! Next… » 12/02/08 12:40pm 12/02/08 12:40pm

Reader Roundup

Best Comment of the Day, in response to Attention Shoppers: It's Not Too Late For L.L. Bean: "Plaid duct tape and maple syrup: Sexy and Useful. Guaranteed to get you laid at my house." We say: omg can we come over? We'll bring the Aunt Jemima. • Worst, in response to: Lisa Bonet Had A Baby?: "Uhhhhhh... who's Lisa… » 12/21/07 5:40pm 12/21/07 5:40pm

Drowning In Catalogs? Some Retailers Don't Give A Damn

As you may have noticed, we have a love/hate relationship with catalogs. But, reports BusinessWeek, an activist Web site called Catalog Choice offers a free service: Sign up and stop receiving paper catalogs you just don't want. The organization claims you can reduce your junk mail while simultaneously helping the… » 12/21/07 5:30pm 12/21/07 5:30pm

Attention Shoppers: It's Not Too Late For L.L. Bean

The text on the cover of the L.L. Bean catalog reads, "There's still time" — because if you place an order today, December 21, you can get your gifts in time for Christmas. What kind of stuff do they have? Cool "Slope Sliders" for fun in the snow; plaid duct tape; maple syrup in a bottle shaped like a bear;… » 12/21/07 1:30pm 12/21/07 1:30pm